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CEO of Hockey analytics-NHL
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Richard Coleman

CEO of Hockey analytics-NHL
Richard M. Coleman is a renowned statistician and data analyst who has been at the forefront of providing advanced metrics in the NHL since 2005. After working at Harvard University Medical School in Boston, MA, he founded his company, Coleman Analytics. He then joined Stanford University Medical School in Stanford, CA and furthered his data analysis and interpretation expertise. Coleman Analytics specializes in developing sophisticated analytics to track the performance of teams and players. These complex calculations include Corsi, Fenwick, Expected Goals, and PDO to measure success more accurately than traditional methods. Corsi examines player attempts on goal instead of simply counting goals when the puck enters the net, while Expected Goals measure the danger of a team's shots more closely. Additionally, Fenwick is similar to Corsi but excludes blocked shots from consideration. In contrast, PDO looks deeper into how "lucky" or "unlucky" teams are by calculating their on-ice shooting plus save percentage. In collaboration with Mike Smith, Richard of Coleman Consulting Group also wrote software programming which enabled deeper data gathering for the NHL hockey games by analyzing each game layer-by-layer to make player tracking easier. These accomplishments have established Coleman as an industry leader in hockey analytics and an innovator in statistical data analysis in sports overall. Coleman has won the Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks and other teams five times. The NHL team that wins the league playoffs receives this prestigious award. This award was created in 1892 by the Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston, and is North America's oldest trophy honouring a professional athletic franchise. Coleman has also published two books.
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