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Richard Wolper

Real-Estate Developer
Richard Wolper is a highly driven and passionate man who has dedicated his life to achieving success in his career while giving back to his community. Over several decades, Wolper has built an impressive resume as a successful entrepreneur with a knack for identifying profitable business ventures. He is known for his ability to pick the right projects, which has allowed him to reach the pinnacle of his field. Wolper's contributions to the Park City community are significant, as he has provided residents and visitors alike with top-notch housing opportunities. However, his dedication to the community goes beyond real estate. He has also been instrumental in founding the Utah Outliers, an elite junior hockey club, in partnership with renowned hockey coach Paul Taylor. The team has successfully recruited talented hockey players from around the world. It has helped them leverage their skills to gain acceptance to prestigious universities and pursue professional hockey careers. Wolper takes pride in managing and sponsoring the team, which gives him immense satisfaction as he helps aspiring young athletes and gives back to the community. Besides his professional pursuits and philanthropic work, Wolper enjoys playing golf in his free time. He remains modest about his achievements and is known for his generosity with his time and resources. Wolper is actively involved in charitable causes, such as the local Jewish Chabad and the Park City Disability Center. Despite being originally from the "Ocean State," Wolper has made Utah his home and has left an indelible mark on the community. His legacy will continue improving the lives of those he works with, including junior hockey players, employees, contractors, business partners, and homeowners who have benefited from his vision and commitment to excellence.

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