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Rupin Hemant Banker

Rupin Hemant Banker is a highly regarded financial backer with extensive experience in trade and supply chain finance. He founded his trading company in 2003, which has grown into a diversified global firm with interests in various industries and countries. With over 20 years of experience in organized money and international trade, Rupin has successfully guided numerous organizations to become profitable ventures worth millions of dollars. Under his leadership, Investor Gathering has established itself as a reputable, ethical firm committed to providing customer-focused and visionary operations. Rupin has earned a solid reputation in the global trade and finance market, expanding from pharmaceutical interests to commodities such as gems, steel, petrochemicals, coal, chemicals, metals, nickel, copper, and agricultural products. The company also has interests in education, healthcare, and real estate. Rupin's practical approach to advancing receivables, inventory, and procurement systems has been instrumental in the company's success. He has implemented a set of values that drive organizational ethics in all transactions. His industry expertise has enabled the firm to expand into major financial centres worldwide, including London, Dubai, India, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Regardless of location, Rupin emphasizes accuracy, transparency, and efficiency in all transactions to simplify clients' lives. Investor Gathering strives to offer clients genuine value in all its operations, aiming to become the preferred partner for global commodity exchange and equity investment. Rupin focuses on helping communities, not just through professional and value-driven transactions but also by supporting charitable causes. For example, during the pandemic, the company utilized its business acumen to expedite the supply of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers in the UAE, earning praise for its efforts.

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