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杜佳謙 Jia Chian Du

我是一名擁有4年App開發經驗的Android工程師。參與多個被數百萬位以上使用者使用的Android App的開發和維護。 有獨立與團隊合作開發的經驗,精通使用Kotlin開發Android App,並且也有Flutter的開發經驗。我熱衷於探索新技術並將其應用在工作中。 如果您有任何問題或想了解更多資訊,請隨時與我聯繫!^^ With 4 years of experience in app development as an Android engineer, I have been involved in the development and maintenance of several Android apps used by millions of users. Experience in both independent and collaborative development. Proficient in Kotlin for Android app development, I also have experience with Flutter. Passionate about exploring new technologies and applying them in my work. If you have any questions or would like to know more information, please feel free to contact me! ^^
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