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Scott Goodstein
Founder @ Catalyst Campaigns
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Scott Goodstein

Founder @ Catalyst Campaigns
Scott Goodstein is a campaign strategist with years of experience. Through his company, Catalyst Campaigns, he is constantly evolving campaign strategies to be at the forefront of movements worldwide. He has worked on a variety of high-profile campaigns, which include Rock Against Bush, Artists For Obama, and Abortion Access Front. He re-launched Catalyst Campaigns in the interest of evolving strategies for the next generation of digital engagement on smartphones, while also helping nonprofits achieve their goals. Scott attended American University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in communications, legal institutions, and economics & government. He would go on to complete his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the same university.
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Jan 1995 - Present
Catalyst Campaigns is focused on creating a digital marketing strategy for companies seeking to build their brand or promoate a message


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Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government
1992 - 1995