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Stanley Yeh
Assistant Manager
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Stanley Yeh

Assistant Manager
I’m passionate about software and cloud computing, and has been working in the manufacturing industry for 10 years to enable businesses to benefit from the rapid evolvement of cloud technologies to implement solutions that deliver the desired business results. Currently I am managing a solution engineering team at Advantech responsible for providing technical support, architecting consultation, and knowledge sharing of the WISE-PaaS AIoT cloud platform. I am also a developer myself working with cloud native architecture (and K8s of course), and welcome all networking and job opportunities to continue developing my professional and technical skills as well as contributing to the developer community.
Carleton University
Taipei, Taiwan

Professional Background

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  • Profession
    Project / Product Management
  • Fields
  • Work experience
    10-15 years (10-15 years relevant)
  • Management
  • Skills
    Manufacturing Operations Management
    Data Acquisition Software
    Industrial Automation
    Cloud Technologies
    Project Management
    Software Development
    Software Architecture
    Agile Development
    Problem Solving
    Communication Skills
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    Native or Bilingual
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    Interested in working remotely
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    Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Freelance
    Part-time freelancer

Work Experience

Assistant Manager

Apr 2018 - Present
Responsible for building the support system of Advantech's WISE-PaaS industrial IoT cloud platform and act as the global solutions engineering lead managing team members in different regions. - Collaborate with managers from different teams and business units to create a support system for the company's new line of business - Work with BDM to do technical pre-sales - Provide tier 2 technical support - Work with RD to improve product's usability and prioritize feature for release - Work with clients to provide software architecting assistance and to do PoC's, programming language used including Java, Python, Go, Javascript - Create training curriculum and certification program for WISE-PaaS - Use Go programming language to develop the training platform middleware


Oct 2011 - Apr 2018
6 yrs 7 mos
Overseeing product and business development of MOSi Technologies. MOSi Technologies envisions ourself to be the pioneer in opening the manufacturing intelligence IT market in the Asian Pacific, especially the Chinese-speaking region. Our goal is to help small and medium-size manufacturers, more importantly those in the conventional industry sector, to improve their business value by adopting best practices, standards, and new technology to boost their performance. MOSi had developed paperless solutions for shop floor operations management using web and cloud technologies. - Used Node.JS and Bootstrap to create a web-based WIP tracking application - Used React to create a web-based asset monitoring and WIP tracking application - Used Python to create an edge data collector with Raspberry Pi

Junior System Engineer

Sep 2008 - Aug 2011
3 yrs 0 mos
Responsible for the industrial data acquisition software design and implementing hardware/software interface middleware for industrial automation applications. - Used the Eclipse IDE to implement JAVA applications - Implemented a project using Iconics' SCADA solution - Implemented PLC ladder codes for automation procedures - Completed the certification training of MESA's manufacturing operations management

Research Assistant

Jul 2006 - Dec 2006
6 mos
Continue the research and development of the existing real-time distributed software architecture through maintain, debug, and program new features to the middleware and the API in Java. - Documented and enhanced the usability of the middleware and API from an user's perspective - Verified that the middleware adheres to IEEE1516 and JAIN-SIP specifications - Created an technology demonstration as an Eclipse plugin - Designed CASE tool to support the project's development


B.Eng. Systems and Computer Engineering
2001 - 2006