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Steve Buchanan Florida

Previous Owner of Gasoline Retail Sites
Steve Buchanan Florida exemplifies a relentless passion for mechanics and a deep-seated commitment to solving problems with practical solutions. Even in retirement, his profound love for engaging with mechanical vehicles has not waned, reflecting a lifelong dedication to his craft. Steve's voice reverberated through the airwaves in Omaha, enriching minds with automotive wisdom through his renowned radio show, "Mr. Mechanic." This show, a long-standing source of car maintenance knowledge on News Radio 1110 KFAB-AM, has engaged a broad audience every Saturday morning for over two and a half decades. His profound knowledge and analytical capabilities allowed him to dissect and address many queries, with almost none perplexing him. His insights were sometimes complemented by guest automotive specialists, broadening the scope of discussions and enriching the content. His expertise stretches beyond hosting and mechanics; he is a successful entrepreneur with ventures spanning fuel, auto mechanics, and convenience stores. His adventurous spirit navigates the skies and sails the seas, exemplifying his proficiency as a pilot and boat captain. The allure of speed and mechanics continues to captivate him in retirement, with the serene vistas of beachside living offering a peaceful contrast. Having originated from Sioux City, Iowa, he formed a substantial connection with Omaha, residing there for numerous years. Currently, South Florida provides a serene backdrop to his retired life, filled with the warmth of family and enduring friendships. A deep-rooted commitment to philanthropy also marks his journey. He has ardently supported healthcare initiatives and animal welfare organizations, lending his time and resources in Omaha. In Florida, his benevolent endeavors manifest in his support for the Mayo Clinic, aligning with its mission of offering world-class medical services.

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