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Manga as a cultural phenomenon. Recently, manga has become popular far beyond Japan, especially among students. Young people in America and Europe have quickly and warmly embraced manga as a creative genre. The reason is that manga are different from the comics, with their own Eastern philosophy and style. Why do people of all ages read manga? Why is it popular? The answer is that manga are not limited to a single genre, which can only be of interest to a limited group of people. Manga can be adventure, sci-fi, detective, thriller, horror or even erotica or porn (hentai). From this we can conclude that everyone can find among the genres of manga exactly what they like. It is worth noting that while at first glance it may seem that manga is just entertaining reading with pictures, in fact, it is not. Many representatives of the genre have a very deep meaning, put their readers in front of deep philosophical questions and problems of modern society. How is manga different from comics? As we know, it comes from Japan, and consequently has a very strong Asian feel. The characters in the manga almost always have unnaturally large eyes, small mouths and anomalous hair colour. Emotions in these comics are usually shown in hyperbole. For example, if a character cries, a bucket of tears will pour out of his eyes. When he laughs, his eyes become small slits and his mouth becomes huge, producing a deafening laugh. Manga and anime. How are they related? Well, I think the connection between these two genres of Japanese art is, I think, obvious beyond belief. They flow out of each other, so to speak. Naturally, the manga is the progenitor of a movement such as anime. By and large, anime is an animated manga, transferred to television screens. It is now common to see manga plots used as the basis for an anime, and vice versa. Sometimes this leads to funny situations where first the anime is based on a manga that hasn't yet been completed, the cartoon series quickly catches up with its textual counterpart, then the plot of the works splits and we get two different endings.

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