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Tiara Natasha
Assistant Director of FMN Clinic
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Tiara Natasha

Assistant Director of FMN Clinic
Accomplished and well-organized student with strong work ethics, great public-speaking skill, and excellent analytical and creative thinking ability. Currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree of Business Analytics in Bina Nusantara University with a cumulative GPA of 3.94. Currently, working as an assistant to the director of FMN Clinic and QS Ambassadors Indonesia.
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  • Status sekarang
  • Profesi
    Guru Les Privat
    Marketing Operations
    Analis Informasi
  • Bidang
    Marketing / Komunikasi
    Layanan Informasi
    Big Data
  • Pengalaman Kerja
    1-2 tahun (relevan Kurang dari satu tahun)
  • Management
    Saya berpengalaman mengelola 1-5 orang
  • Skil
    SQL Server Management Studio
    Visual Paradigm
    Public Speaking
    Analytical Thinking
    Creative Problem Solving
    Leadership Skills
    Microsoft Office
  • Bahasa
    Bahasa ibu atau Bilingual
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    Assistant Director
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Pengalaman Kerja

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Teaching Staff

08/2022 - Sekarang
• Become a part of BIMBEL BLESSING teaching staffs team • Teach up to 30+ junior high school students about Biology, Maths, and Physics via online and offline • Improve their school grades by up to 15% • Make notes and summaries for the students
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UI/UX Designer

02/2023 - 03/2023
2 mos
• Joined in virtual internship program held by Rakamin Academy • Learned about the fundamentals of UI/UX Design • Designed wireframe and high-fidelity prototype using Figma software • Increased the efficiency of Niagahoster's website page especially the customer's checkout process
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Assistant Director

04/2021 - Sekarang
• Work part-time as an assistant to the director of FMN Clinic • Review business proposals with director • Design social media content and posters • Procurement process with suppliers • Manage the company's online shop • Reach a monthly revenue of up to Rp 25.000.000
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Big Data Analyst

01/2023 - 02/2023
2 mos
• Joined in a virtual internship program held by Rakamin Academy • Learned about big data analytics and mySQL query using mySQL software • Visualized Kimia Farma' sales data using Google Data Studio • Analyzed the data to provide Kimia Farma with useful insights
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QS Ambassadors Indonesia

02/2022 - Sekarang
• Became a part of QS Indonesia Team Member • Seeked media partners and valid attendees for the upcoming QS events • Promoted QS Indonesia’s event on social media • Guide participants throughout the offline event
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Head of Creative Division

09/2022 - 10/2022
2 mos
• Coordinated a team of creative staffs • Created 7 Instagram content for BINUS TV CLUB's Welcoming Party event in 1 month • Planned the decoration budget with treasurer • Ideated and designed the event’s decoration layout • Carried out kick-off meetings with staffs and mentors
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Organizing Committee of Delegates Service

08/2022 - 10/2022
3 mos
• Became an organizing committee of Delegates Service in SDG Level Up Event • Broadcasted event’s information • Created entry and exit ticket • Ensured and evaluated customer experience • Searched and contacted 5 media partners for the event
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Education Counselor

09/2021 - 09/2022
1 yr 1 mo
• Became a part of BINUS University's Education Counselor Team in the South Jakarta region • Promoted BINUS University to prospective high school students • Gained 35 new students to enroll in BINUS University • Presented BINUS University in front of 100+ high school students


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Bachelor of Science (BS)
Business Analytics
2021 - 2025