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Senior Engineer
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Yves Hsu

Senior Engineer
A Senior Full-Stack Engineer with 6 years of experience in web development and data visualization, I am proficient in modular programming, data normalization, and data visualization. I have a proven track record of success, having created a dashboard framework that significantly reduced development time. I am highly self-motivated and capable of effectively managing independent projects, as well as collaborating with teams. I am also passionate about discussing programming problems and sharing new techniques and small discoveries with others in the field.
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Professional Background

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    Back-end Engineer
    Front-end Engineer
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  • Experiencia laboral
    6-10 años (6-10 años relevante)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 1-5 people
  • Skills
    Web Developer
    SQL Server
    Oracle Database
    Data Analytics
    Data Mining
    Tailwind CSS
    Data Structures and Algorithms
    Modular programming
    data normalization
    Data Visualization
    RESTful APIs
    asymmetric encryption-based algorithms
    Full-text search database
    inverted index
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    Nativo o bilingüe
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    Interesado en trabajar a distancia
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    Taipei City, Taiwan
    Hsinchu City, Taiwan 300
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    Trabajador autónomo a tiempo parcial

Work Experience

系統應用開發課 Senior Engineer

ago 2019 - Presente
Web dashboard management and data visualization provision. ►Developed and managed web dashboards for revenue, cost, and machine log data visualization, and implemented single sign-on, asymmetric encryption-based algorithms, and a role-based access control system using RESTful APIs. ►Designed and implemented TypeScript-based frameworks for searching, chart creation, and form rendering, reducing development time for individual dashboard projects by at least one-third and increasing functional efficiency by ninefold. ►Optimized dashboard's storage architectures and real-time search, and reduced server response time by rewriting the format conversion program. ►Achieved a 200% increase in development efficiency for a single dashboard project. Skills: Modular programming, data normalization, data visualization, TypeScript, RESTful APIs, asymmetric encryption-based algorithms

研發部 副經理

jul 2016 - jul 2019
3 yrs 1 mo
R&D - Chinese characters full-text format search database. ►Developed a Chinese characters full-text search database with customized full-text search database and index creation based on the inverted index, resulting in higher efficiency of exact search of Chinese characters than the current database software (SQL Like). ►Implemented the search algorithm, indexing, and sorting functions using NLP techniques such as HMM, SVM, TF-IDF, and inverted index. ►Designed and implemented non-dictionary-based, word segmentation, word vector, and article categorization by SVM to improve the accuracy of search results. ►Optimized the search engine's performance, reducing the search time by 90% and improving the scalability of the system. Skills: Full-text search database, inverted index, NLP, HMM, SVM, TF-IDF, non-dictionary-based search


Bachelor’s Degree
2015 - 2018