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Author and Coach
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Tj Bartel

Author and Coach
Tj Bartel is a multifaceted entrepreneur who is also a successful author and the CEO of Bartel Enterprises. Tj Bartel specializes in personal transformation and conscious sexuality. His technique integrates both neuroscience, meditation, and innovative personal growth techniques. Tj’s primary goal is to create lasting and meaningful change and transformations in relationships which will ultimately lead to positive benefits for themselves and everyone in their lives. Today, Tj Bartel shares his expertise both online and at in-person workshops. While much of his work does now focus on men, he never ceased to help couples and women with their goals as well. Energy mastery is a field in which Tj Bartel excels and uses to fuel his careers as an author, public figure, and life coach. The art itself fine tunes a person’s consciousness to help an individual overcome personal, emotional, and mental obstacles that interfere with daily life. To supplement his workshops and online coaching, Tj Bartel has authored several books and articles to reach and help a wider audience find the answers they need. Topics include being a better lover, using energy efficiently and wisely, the differences between men and women, and how to have a emotionally and physically fulfilling relationships with women.
San Diego State University
San Jose, CA, USA

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Founder and Educator

12/2000 - Hiện tại
TJ Bartel is a relationship coach with the goal of creating extraordinary relationships and empowering both men and women to to live better love lives.


04/1988 - 08/2004
16 yrs 5 mos
General Contracting.

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Bachelor of Science (BS)
1984 - 1987
Các hoạt động xã hội
Track and Field and Event Staff Coordinator.
General Studies, Arts
1982 - 1984
Mô tả
TJ Bartel earned his Associate of Arts degree in 1984.