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Todd Smith Jacksonville
Director of Emergency Management
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Todd Smith Jacksonville

Director of Emergency Management
Todd Smith Jacksonville is a paragon of dedication, commitment, and excellence in public service. In his distinguished roles as the Director of Emergency Management and Chief of Emergency Preparedness, he has painted a legacy of stellar leadership underpinned by a relentless drive to ensure the safety and well-being of the public. His professional tapestry began to weave in 1992 when he joined the ranks of the Nassau County Fire and Rescue Department. Recognizing his innate aptitude for leadership and a knack for decisive action, he transitioned to the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department in 1997. Within this framework, his journey was marked by determination and growth, culminating in his pivotal role as Special Operations Training Manager. He marshaled multiple teams in this capacity, navigating through diverse challenges with adeptness. He donned myriad roles throughout his tenure, each more critical than the last. He spearheaded initiatives from streamlining emergency responses and perfecting emergency operations methodologies to innovatively establishing the first nationwide drive-thru test site for COVID-19. His stalwart presence was most palpable during challenging times, particularly as he orchestrated evacuation orders and steered emergency shelter missions during the onslaught of hurricanes like Matthew, Irma, and Dorian. An eternal student, his pursuit of knowledge is evident in his illustrious academic achievements. He boasts dual Master's degrees in Business Administration and Public Administration. Adding to this formidable foundation, he procured a Graduate Executive Certificate in Public Administration and is pursuing a Ph.D. in the realm. Todd A Smith Jacksonville's academic prowess is further augmented by certifications from eminent bodies, notably the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association and the International Association of Emergency Managers. https://vimeo.com/874086758?share=copy
Critical Response Strategies
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Liberty University
Jacksonville, FL, USA

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Director of Emergency Management

Jun 2023 - Present
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Fire Service Instructor III / USAR / Live Fire

Jan 2004 - Present


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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Public Administration
2021 - 2022

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