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Project Manager
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Singapore Institute of Management
Taipei City, Taiwan

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Project Manager

System general
Nov 2018 - Present
Taipei City, Taiwan
●Project management: 1. Host routine department meetings and control projects: –Hold a routine morning meeting to ensure all projects are completed on time and renew an estimated date in case the delayed schedule occurs with internal engineers and the RD director 2. Routine cross-departmental meetings to report on the status of the project: –Routinely reported the status and deadline of all projects to the relevant department within the organization 3. Optimize the process of R&D projects: –Effectively standardize the process of internal projects to improve the efficiency of research and development 4. Effective evaluation and allocation of projects to meet customer needs: –Project evaluation consists of working days of projects, programming time of devices, the difficulty level of a project, and team distributions 5. Effective cross-departmental communication and technical cooperation with outsourcers: –Coordinated and connected with internal resources and liaised with contractors/vendors on the technical inquiry for the whole execution of projects 6. Connected with oversea customers: –Communicated and connected with oversea customers about the progress of the project via conference calls and mail in English 7. Control the project budget to save the company's expenses: –Controlled the budget of material for every new case to accomplish the expectation of the director 8. Collaborated across departments to find effective development resources: –Surveyed a helpful solution regarding the developed resources that can be utilized effectively to complete the support by engineers 9. Make good use of project software to effectively control the status of each project: –Conducted the extensive project roadmap to monitor and adjust the works scheduled by using the Gantt chart –Created a new management layout of the project platform to track and manage all projects, including tasks, issues, and every subtasks record –Gathered and calculated the statistics data of every project by the managed dashboard to implement the KPI report for the RD team 10. Optimize the program to shorten the development time and strive for accelerated development fee: –Optimized the schedule by discussing with engineers to get the expedited fee and achieve the expectation of customers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ●Administrative work: 1. Administrative operation of ERP software: –Imported the BOM into the ERP system and create the ERP documents, including the material requisition record, return material report, purchasing requisition, and other requirements of requisition from directors 2. Resistors arrangement 3. Formulate an 8D Report form for customer complaints –Established a new format of Eight disciplines of problem-solving reports and execute the implementation for the issue from customers


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Bachelor’s Degree
Business Management Deploma
2016 - 2018

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