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Software Engineering
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Unal Patel

Software Engineering
Unal Patel is a senior software engineer at Cisco Systems, Inc., a multinational technology firm headquartered in San Jose, California. He works from home but is also based in the San Jose area. He enjoys working as a Silicon Valley professional in software development and other high-tech services. He is a rising star at Cisco with over a decade of experience who continues to receive promotions and increased responsibility. He has been recognized for individual and team awards such as Customer Service Excellence and Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations on multiple occasions, and he has also been invited to attend client-facing meetings as a subject matter expert.
San Jose, CA, USA

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  • Tình trạng hiện tại
    Đã có việc làm
    Tắt trạng thái tìm việc
  • Nghề nghiệp
    Software Engineer
    Java Developer
    PHP Developer
  • Lĩnh vực
    Công nghệ giáo dục (EdTech)
    Âm nhạc
    Thể thao
  • Kinh nghiệm làm việc
    6-10 năm (4-6 năm liên quan)
  • Kinh nghiệm quản lý
    I've had experience in managing 5-10 nhân viên
  • Kỹ năng
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    Thông thạo
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    Không quan tâm đến làm việc từ xa
  • Vị trí làm việc mong muốn
    Sofware engineer
  • Địa điểm làm việc mong muốn
    San Jose, CA, USA
  • Freelance
    Không phải freelancer

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