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Xavier Tu
Choreographer + Professional
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Xavier Tu

Choreographer + Professional
Xavier Tu's innovative choreographic creations have added profound depth to the musical narratives of artists such as Jon Vinyl, TOBi, and Crown Lands. His vision and execution are encapsulated in music videos, where his distinct choreographic flair paints every frame with rhythmic eloquence. Beyond music videos, his choreographic brilliance accentuates advertising campaigns, prominently featuring collaborations with Adidas FORUM, Nobis x Serge Ibaka, and Chips Ahoy, adding a dance perspective to commercial storytelling. Beyond the camera lens, his choreographic prowess and remarkable live performances have garnered widespread acclaim in competitive platforms. He has showcased his refined artistry in numerous top-tier international dance competitions. A testament to his exceptional skills, he has earned prestigious accolades, including securing the National Champion title three times at HHI Canada. His work received the distinction of 'Best Hip Hop Performance' at the esteemed Dance Awards in Vegas 2022, highlighting his mastery in hip-hop choreography. Despite a demanding professional life, Xavier remains dedicated to cultivating his love for dance and spreading his knowledge. The significant shift from a conventional 9-5 job to a fully committed life in the arts illuminates his relentless dedication and ambition-driven approach to his craft. He continually seeks to inspire and educate emerging dancers, ensuring the propagation of his unique dance philosophy and technique.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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    Choreographer + Professional Dancer
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