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Yacin Zawam
Doctor of Internal medicine
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Yacin Zawam

Doctor of Internal medicine
Yacin Zawam has a long history of working in internal medicine. He began his career as an Internal Medicine Hospitalist in the mid-2000s and soon obtained expertise diagnosing and treating hospital-grade internal medical conditions. At the same time, he was collaborating with the University of Toledo.
Internal Medicine Deaprtement - Haj ElSafe Teaching Hospital
Portsmouth, OH 45662, USA

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Yacin Zawam

Jan 2000 - Present
Yacin Zawam can easily say that he has worked in internal medicine for a long time. He started his practice in the mid-2000s as an Internal Medicine Hospitalist, which meant that he quickly gained a lot of experience with hospital-level internal medical problems and diagnoses. At the same time, he was getting help from the University of Toledo.


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