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曾意涵 Zeni

I’m a senior animation designer, I have been engaged in this industry for 12 years. I can independently complete script ideas, shooting, editing, animation, my personality is positive, enthusiastic, independent and responsible, I like to try different design styles, but also brave to accept different challenges, the company will give all the tasks, I will do my best. I used to be afraid of English, but in order to overcome my fear of English, I went to the Philippines for 3 months of English training last year, and I talked to foreigners every day, so that I could improve my English skills a lot, and I can continue to learn now, and I hope to use this skill in my work in the future. 我是一名資深影像設計師,從事此行業已達12年,能獨立完成腳本發想、拍攝、剪輯、動畫,我的個性積極、熱心、獨立且有責任感,喜歡嘗試不同的設計風格,也勇於接受不同的挑戰,公司給予的各項任務,我都會盡全力完成。 我過去英文曾是我的弱項,為了克服對英文的恐懼,去年我前往菲律賓進行3個月英語進修,每天與外國人交流讓自己英文能力提升不少,目前能持續自主進修,期望未來也能將此技能用在自己的工作上。
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