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Yuchun Lai

With over a decade of development experience, I have executed over a hundred projects, including official website with CMS, online games, etc. I also have experience in building a large-scale data platform from scratch. In addition to CSS, JS, and React proficiency, I have backend experience with Node.js and VB.NET, along with strong UI/UX knowledge. This facilitates effective communication with cross-disciplinary partners and comprehensive system planning. Over the past two years as a manager, I've implemented tools like Github Actions, ESLint, and Storybook to cultivate a strong team culture. This has speed up onboarding for new members, while also ensuring product quality remains stable and continually improves. I embrace new technologies with an open mind and proactive approach. Recently, I've been researching Micro Frontends and LangChain. Excited about taking more challenging roles in the future, I aim to blend these new skills with my existing expertise to offer innovative solutions to the team.
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