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Assistant business cooperation manager
A professional and energetic branding specialist with 13 years of work experience, including 7 years focused on brand management. Expertise in brand building and design, traditional/ digital marketing & E-commerce, B2B partnership development, event management, interpersonal and communication skills. She has gained extensive knowledge in industry-specific brand building across sectors such as the telecom industry, education, Bio-Gene, AI Automotive, financial securities, sports betting, and entertainment. She has covered the working locations of Hong Kong and mainland China, including Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Beijing, and she is familiar with the culture of Mainland China and the GBA, and possesses a deep understanding of diverse cultures, enabling her to adapt to multicultural teamwork. Her strengths lie in her quick learning ability and creative mindset, allowing her to gain insights and solve project challenges swiftly, even in unfamiliar situations. As a skilled storyteller and presenter, she serves as the Assistant Business Cooperation Manager at the Hong Kong Jockey Club. She excels in planning and developing various conferences, visits, and training programs, enabling customers to understand how the Jockey Club designs its customer segment journey map. She has enhanced the Jockey Club’s brand awareness and external influence, while also seeking opportunities to increase international business cooperation. Apart from daily challenging work, she maintains a curious mindset, constantly seeking out intriguing subjects to stay abreast of the latest trends in the market and gain valuable insights. Additionally, she enjoys improving her focus and endurance through hiking and running.
The Hong Kong Jockey Club
Guangzhou University
Hong Kong

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Work Experience

Assistant business cooperation manager

Sep 2022 - Present
Collaborate with the Beijing government client as a business development consultant, utilizing the brand influence and customer strategy of the Jockey Club, to design a business and soft skills enhancement project aimed at enhancing the client’s brand and customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. •Support writing market analysis in Beijing and 9 cities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) by producing lottery customer group consultation reports, contributing to government clients' market decisions and strategic planning. •Designed and organized personalized visit itineraries tailored to the needs of mainland and overseas partners or potential clients, demonstrating how The Jockey Club uses a customer segmentation journey map to attract different levels of customers, implement a customer-centric mindset and enhance customer loyalty. Achievements •Independently communicated and planned training programs with internal and external stakeholders, successfully designing immersive experiences of The Jockey Club’s brand of different customer segments. This included experiences at retail branches, racing &racecourse entertainment, membership restaurants, campaigns for High-Value customers and GenZ generation, and CRM learning projects. These efforts led to the successful signing of annual training agreements with lottery clients from 10 provinces and cities in China and 1 in Singapore, promoting brand and business development for clients. •Planned and organized the annual conference of the Asian Lottery Association, attracting 300+ Asian industry attendees, showcasing The Jockey Club's contribution to mainland China sports and the horse industry, as well as the direction of continuous optimization and innovation of the customer journey. Strengthened the brand influence and expanded cooperation with international partners.

Marketing Director

Feb 2022 - Sep 2022
8 mos
Achievements • Developed a comprehensive brand promotion and creative storytelling plan for the company, encompassing both ATL and BTL activities. Implemented various media channels, including offline lectures, forums, WeChat, website, Little Red Book, Facebook, and Instagram. • Independently managed communication with relevant departments and subsidiaries to assist the IT department in conducting UAT for the company's new app features. Planned and executed outside promotional campaign for each new feature launch, resulting in over 300+ new app users within a 3-month period. • Established Facebook and Instagram accounts for the company and launched a follower engagement program with promotional giveaways. Strategized daily content copywriting distribution, resulting in a subscriber base of 1,000 within the first week.

Senior Brand Manager

Aug 2020 - Oct 2021
1 yr 3 mos
Company Profile A leading Chinese AI visual perception provider in the automotive industry, and global strategic partner of Toyota. • Standardized brand's design cluster and brand identity and managed exhibition planning. • Created visually appealing designs for articles and managed content writing for the company's WeChat official account and maintained the website. • Planned resources and executed product promotion activities on WeChat group and live streaming platforms to enhance brand engagement and drive sales • Led a team of 2 subordinates, providing leadership and guidance in daily operations and project execution. Achievements • Independently established the AI company brand's VI system, including the design of POSM, product brochures, and storyboarding for product introduction videos. • Participated in 10 + different trade event exhibitions, taking full responsibility for booth design, product placement, and communication with exhibition organizers and suppliers, and expanded new customers 60+. • Created visual designs and promotional copywriting for 20+ articles and managed the company's WeChat official account. Updated and maintained the layout design of the company website for 3 versions. • Planned and managed ATL product promotion campaign, including WeChat group and live streaming platforms. Achieved 500+ viewers during a live stream. • Developed communication strategies for product launches and exhibition periods, and monitored the company's external reputation.

Brand Design Manager

Mar 2018 - May 2020
2 yrs 3 mos
Company Profile Founded in 1999, BGI Genomics is the world's largest genomics research and development organization. • Defined brand positioning and designed visual concept direction for the product. • Planned UI design interface for the brand's WeChat mini program and official website. • Analyzed E-commerce sales data and created promotional designs to enhance sales performance. • Packaging designed for third-party collaboration products, exhibition materials, promotional presentations, product mascot IP image, key visuals, and promotional videos. Achievements • Developed a cohesive VI system, establishing a consistent brand identity to increase brand recognition. • Successfully defined brand positioning and created stylistic elements, resulting in a compelling brand image, while developing comprehensive ATL and BTL communication style guidelines for consistent brand messaging. Achieved a significant 30% increase in E-commerce platform after updating the brand's style and product positioning. • Established and led a 3-person design team, implementing visual communication guidelines and processes, resulting in efficient workflow and high-quality output. • Planned and executed UI design interface for brand's WeChat mini program and official website, enhancing user experience. • Collaborated with a KOL with 100,000 followers, developing scripts and copywriting for a KOL-led live-streaming campaign. Launched successful live-streaming campaigns, achieving over 10,000 views and increasing product sales by 2000+ units.

Full-time lecture

Apr 2013 - Feb 2018
4 yrs 11 mos
Teaching and Student Academic Project Management: Conducted courses in graphic design and post-production for animation majors. Developed lesson plans, prepared teaching materials, and designed course content based on the curriculum and the psychological characteristics of adolescents. Guided students in participating in national, provincial, and municipal-level graphic design competitions and internships. Wrote academic research papers. • Published the esteemed book "UI Design" as the chief editor and author, establishing expertise in the field and contributing to the knowledge and resources available to students and professionals. • Published 5 research papers and design works in reputable provincial-level publications within mainland China, further demonstrating expertise and contributing to the academic community.

Brand Planning Specialist

Apr 2010 - Apr 2013
3 yrs 1 mo
Achievements • Secured an exclusive bid for a 5 million RMB antenna order by successfully providing antenna communication equipment to clients like China Mobile, demonstrating strong sales capabilities and customer satisfaction. • Led the design of promotional brochures, product catalogs, and visual elements for the exhibition booth at the Singapore International Telecommunications Exhibition, contributing to a compelling and visually appealing presentation of the company's products and services.


Master’s Degree
Design and Applied Arts
2014 - 2017
Skills: Digital Media · Graphic Design
Bachelor’s Degree
Graphic Design
2008 - 2011
Skills: Graphic Design

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Google Digital Garage
Credential ID: EXC 2H7 HF9
Issued Jul 2020
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