Merve Tüysüz 

A result-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical software developer 

    8+ years of hand-on experience in designing, developing, testing, maintaining, debugging software for over 10 million users 
    good understanding of software development life cycle and agile methodologies 
   good interpersonal skills & good command of English 

[email protected]  •  +90 (536) 6512765  •  Istanbul, Turkey



JavaScript (ES6), TypeScript, Angular 8, ngRx, React, HTML5, CSS3 (Scss, BEM), Git, C#, .Net Framework, MS SQL Server, T-SQL, JIRA, Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, Bootstrap, Magento 2, Craft CMS

Working Knowledge

Ruby on Rails, Ruby, ASP.NET Core


Frontend Architect - Migros, Jul 2019 - still working

NEXT (Migros Transformation Project): The transformation project of Migros, the biggest retail supermarket chain Turkey, which aims to re-engineer all internal tools using cutting edge technology, establish QA and CI/CD practices and mentor all departments about the improved infrastructure.

Stack: Angular 8, CSS3 (Sass, BEM, flex), HTML5, Nrwl Nx, Azure DevOps, Docker, JIRA, Sketch

  • Working as the front-end architect in this transformation process with a team consisting of 2 Backend Developers (Java Spring), 1 DevOps Engineer (Azure DevOps), 1 QA Engineer, 1 other Frontend Developer and 1 UI/UX Designer. 
  • Participating in all decision-making processes which includes the database design, tooling, deployment processes etc.
  • Making use of monorepo pattern since there are advantages of re-usability and dependency management by utilizing Nrwl Nx monorepo tool.
  • Mentoring the teams about Angular and any other technology which is chosen for a specific problem and make their transition easy from Oracle Forms.
  • Transforming all the existing applications one by one and transfer the project to designated teams.
  • Writing tests using Jest and Cypress.
  • Establishing CI/CD processes on Azure DevOps with the DevOps Engineer. 
  • Transforming the department teams to dev-ops teams with developers, product owners, designers and dev-ops engineers.
  • In three months, 4 applications were delivered:
Migros Authorization & Operator: These two SPAs are authorization infrastructure for all applications (SPA, SSR, Native) and micro services which are going to be re-engineered during the process. In this web application, developers can create an application or service to get client id/secrets as well as users, permissions and groups. These are going to be used by other applications to control authorization. This is mainly a CRUD SPA for these entities. Operator is a similar app with smaller set of operations which includes users, groups and user groups and it is used daily by operation staff.
Migros Profile: This application is for individual Migros employees where they can view/edit their info and see their authorized applications as well as logs like latest login etc. 
Migros Projects: This is the portal where all IT department can view the ongoing projects and their status. This application is designed to use JIRA's APIs to calculate the completeness of a project. 

Senior Software Developer - Brew Interactive, Jun 2017 - April 2019

Food Service Direct (in collaboration with Unilever USA): A responsive e-commerce website for Unilver which operates in the USA. It is generated as Magento Commerce website and for customer interaction, it utilizes React as a library.
Stack: Magento, PHP, React, Redux, CSS (Sass, BEM), HTML5, Magento Cloud, Docker (for development), JIRA, InVision

  • Working as the senior full stack developer with a team consisting of 2 UI/UX Designers, 1 Frontend Developer and 3 Backend Developers. 
  • Gathering user requirements both from the customer representatives and the project managers in Brew.
  • Attending daily scrum meeting calls with the customer.
  • Creating user stories and technical tasks according to the requirements and distributing to the team depending on skills. Mentoring junior developers as well as acting as a bridge between Unilever team and the development team.
  • Responsible for integration, staging and production environments as well as deploys.
  • Frontend development using React as a library and Redux as a state pattern which utilizes Magento REST API.
  • Responsible for checkout process which includes PayPal, Apple and online credit card payments. 
  • Backend development using PHP. Developing custom APIs as an extension to Magento's built-in REST API.

Mobilet (in collaboration with Doğuş Technology & Pozitif): A ticketing platform for Pozitif (an entertainment company in Turkey) which is operating in Turkey.
Stack: Angular 6 (latest at that time), CSS (Sass, BEM), HTML5, Bitbucket (later Azure), JIRA, InVision 

  • Working as a senior front-end developer with two UI/UX Designers and 1 HTML/CSS Developer, 2 junior Frontend Developers and 1 other Frontend Developer in collaboration with a back-end team from Doğuş Technology (a tech company in Turkey). 
  • Gathering requirements, creating user stories and tasks and distributing across the team.
  • Frontend development using Angular especially focused on services, component interaction and state management. 
  • Managing applications on Bitbucket with test and staging environments (automatic builds) which is integrated with JIRA where every commit has a reference to its own task. 
  • During the project 4 enterprise applications were delivered, all of which is developed with Angular 6 and consumes REST APIs developed with C#.
  • Mobilet Back Office: Used by the Pozitif employees for creating new events, venues, artists, seating arrangements as well as ticket categories and profiles. It consumes the REST APIs for CRUD operations. 
  • Mobilet Box Office: Used by the box office for selling tickets to customers. The SPA consumes REST APIs to list events and choose seats as well as getting the customer info. It has a shell application which is integrated with POS and consumes its APIs for the checkout process. 
  • Mobilet Kiosk: Used by the customers for self-service experience. It works on a kiosk which runs a Chromium browser. It is integrated with a POS for checkout process. 
  • Mobilet CMS: Used by the Pozitif employees to enter content for the Pozitif Blog. 

Software Developer - Softtech, Jan 2011 - Jun 2016

Part of the Telephone and Mobile Banking Branch Team which consists of 9 full-stack developers, 1 business analyst and 2 product owners. Responsible for mobile and telephone branches of Is Bank which is used by 10 and 2 million of people respectively.

İşCep (in collaboration with Turkiye Is Bank): Mobile banking application for Is Bank which has a wide operation set ranging from money transfer to paying for taxes 
Stack: C#, .NET, SQL Server, T-SQL, ClearCase, ClearQuest 

  •  Back-end development in C#/.NET to build a monolithic service to serve both IsCep and the IVR system.  

IVR (in collaboration with Turkiye Is Bank): Interactive Voice Response is the telephone banking branch of Is Bank. It consumes a backend service and utilizes JavaScript for client-side operations.
Stack: JavaScript, C#, Geneys Platform  

  • Working as the lead developer for this project with 1-2 junior developers. 

Junior Software Developer - Stramax, Feb 2010 - Dec 2010

IVR (in collaboration with NCR and Turkiye Is Bank):  The telephone banking branch of Is Bank.
Stack: JavaScript, C#, Geneys Platform IVR 

  • IVR development using Genesys platform and JavaScript
  • Backend development using C#


 Rock,  bicycling,  trekking/hiking,  camping,  permaculture,  cooking,  cognitive science


Available upon request.

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