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Michael Dastic Some of the sales characteristics of successful sales are acquired in the training in which you are a salesman. The traditional way in which sellers are often perceived by others as intrusive and arrogant can be different from the traditional way in which others view them, as trustworthy, friendly, and modest.

Technical Sales Engineering gives them the opportunity to actively drive sales forward while remaining true to their ways. Dr. David Haken, a trained scientist and technical sales expert, agrees, explaining that the combination of technical and non-technical perspectives can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful sales team and a positive one.

Mike Dastic A solid, repeatable sales process can help technical sales staff leverage their knowledge in an effective way. Technical sales staff prefer systems and procedures to ensure that they accept and consistently execute the sales process.

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Michael Dastic In this article, we discuss what digital sales are, why they matter, and how to address the transition to digital sales with the differences between digital marketing and sales. First, you need to check what "digital sales" are and what is the difference between them and traditional marketing, as well as how you can change your sales strategy and marketing efforts to start with digital sales.

You should be able to choose a digital sales platform based on what you want to sell for your digital product, as well as your budget.

For example, by understanding the role of brain research in a customer's buying process, you can improve your ability to connect with your customers and influence their buying decisions. To use this information to positively impact your sales results, visit our expert sales webinars.

Mike Dastic There are many advantages to attending our courses and pursuing a science-based sales approach to student recruitment. There are several advantages to attending these courses, as well as the potential to adopt this approach in your own business.

Work Experience

March 2003 - Present

Mike Dastic Sales Expert  Michael Dastic Sales

For 11 years and 11 months, I had been a Sales Director at IronPlanet, and for the last 5 years, I had been the Top Salesman there.

Michael Dastic  I spent another 2 years and 5 months as a Regional Sales Manager at Ritchie Bros. Now, I’m seeking a new challenge, a new opportunity that makes me pour all this experience in it.


2000 - 2003

University of Salt Lake


2000 - 2003

University of Salt Lake



Mike Dastic Sales

Increasing the sales of your products in retail stores is an excellent way to improve the profitability of your business and boost its growth.

Michael Dastic Marketing

Michael Dastic Getting more new customers. Which is obvious and, many times, the most expensive path, although it is also the most followed by almost everyone.

Mike Dastic - What is the closing of a sale?

Closure could be defined as helping people make decisions that are good for them.

Mike Dastic Actually, what a great salesperson does all the time is "Professionally Help Other People Buy."

And to be more strict with the definition, we should not even think of a "closure", the reality is that it is quite the opposite, it is "an opening" of a win-win relationship with a client, which can last as long as the seller decides.

Michael Dastic Everything the seller has done up to now has only one goal: to close. That is, to achieve the order or at least get a formal commitment. In truth, it begins to close in the preparation stage

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