Michael E. Parker

Michael E. Parker: #CEO of Value-Centered Solutions, You Are a CEO Inc., and creator of #MintShow. Lean Trainer & #Business Consultant. Author of 'Who Said So?'

San Pablo, California
[email protected]


Value Centered-Solutions, Feb 2006 - Present

Value-Centered Solutions, Inc. is a business management philosophy designed to help businesses focus all efforts on what their customers’ Value and then provide that value seamlessly through smooth flowing operations and a team member friendly Culture. Michael E. Parker created Value-Centered Solutions, Inc. as an educational vehicle that would give other businesses and entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn the benefits of the Value-Centered Solutions, Inc. approach to doing business. VCS, Inc. is dedicated to the delivery of value-centered solutions and tools to allow our clients to gain insight on methodologies that will ultimately help decrease cost, increase productivity, improve business culture, and manage organizational change. Our mission is to provide knowledge and solutions through innovative technology, products and services, and a relentless commitment to coaching businesses into implementing Value-Centered Solutions, Inc. in diverse working environments. Comprised of scores of highly motivated professionals, VCS, Inc. brings cutting edge business and life management information and coaching that will help to improve any business and the lives of those who work in them.

Senior Project Manager, June 1997 - Feb 2001

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Michael E. Parker Enterprises

Here at Michael E. Parker Enterprises we’re all about developing products and services the value-centered way.

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IdeaMensch Interview

Michael E. Parker discusses his business and provides some tips to help other Founders.

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Opportunities for All + You Are A CEO

You Are A CEO partnered with Opportunities for All and Airbnb to provide a workshop for students to learn how to take control of their lives for the better.

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A Morning Routine for Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs tend to have busy schedules. For many, their work starts as soon as they wake up and lasts until they go to sleep. However, having an established morning routine that incorporates both work and non-work elements can help entrepreneurs stay at the top of their game.

How Positivity Can Improve Your Business Success

When it comes to success in business, there are many factors that can play a part. It should come as no surprise that one of them is positivity. To some people, positivity is caused by having a successful business. However, the relationship is really the other way around. By keeping your chin up and approaching every day positively, you will start to see good results.

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