Michael Walding

Overcame Many Obstacles to Lead NXTLVL Services

Michael Walding, the founder and owner of NXTLVL Services, overcame many obstacles on his path to success. At 19, he developed a keen understanding of the importance of discipline, which he later applied to the world of business after finding that he needed to work online since people wouldn’t hire him while starting a career as a professional bodybuilder, time was limited. By the age of 25, Michael Walding had turned professional twice in two different leagues and multiple magazine covers. He had also landed a major sponsorship. He continued to grow and succeed professionally, ultimately becoming a multimillionaire at 30, thanks to his networks and online businesses he started due to bodybuilding.

The oldest of three siblings, Michael Walding received a lot of push back from people close to him at the beginning of his journey. They didn’t understand his way of thinking outside the box and were often negative about his attempts to find success in the bodybuilding and e-commerce sectors. His degree in mass communications from Florida State University also had little influence on his professional success. Michael Walding began living up to his potential by applying the mindset he cultivated while bodybuilding to other areas of his life. This attracted the people that were like-minded and helped him achieve even further success.

Sunny Isles Beach, FL, US

Work Experience

Jan 2020 - Present

NXTLVL Services


Aug 2007 - Jan 2012

Florida State University
Mass Communications