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Micky Chen

I create webs and apps to provide services. I’m experienced in producing hi-fi wireframes and prototypes. I map the user flows step by step, down to the last detail. I want to make as many products as I can ;D

Product Manager, friDay Video
[email protected]

+886 918 896806



Product Manager, friDay Video, 2017/09 ~ Now

In 2017, after 3 years of amazing journey in Hiiir, I was ready to step out of my comfort zone. I entered Far East Tone Telecommunications, the 3rd largest telecom company in Taiwan, and started the challenging tasks of making an online video service, friDay Video, in the OTT market.

Introducing the product, friDay Video

  • An OTT service in Taiwan, viewing iQiyi & Netflix as the key market competitors.
  • Feature content: Korean movies, indie movies, Hollywood movies, live broadcasting of ceremonies
  • Pricing models: subscription model, rental model, & value stored model 

Key Responsibilities

  • Define the features based on business needs
  • Take requirements from all business units
  • Translate the requirements into user flows & specifications
  • Produce wireframes and prototypes to help communication across all functions
  • Manage project schedule, manpower, & resources
  • Help QA team coordinate user case tests

Ongoing Projects

  • Video Download for Offline Watch
  • EST, Digital Collection Service  
  • TV Live Streaming Channels
  • Android TV APP revamp
  • Optimizing purchase flow

PM/Designer, Hiiir Inc. 2015/05 ~ 2017/09

In 2015, I decided to take the job from Hiiir Inc. (renamed as YSDT Co., Ltd., after reorganization in 2017), a professional and enthusiastic tech company in Taiwan. At Hiiir, I have experienced several times of transformation to assist the fast growing company. 


  • Help the client, IDEXX Laboratories, to develop an app, CareMyPet, from 0 to 1. 
  • Serve the client, helping manage the project scope, schedule, and budget control. 
  • Take requirements, analyze user needs, and define the key feature of this app. 
  • Make wireframes and prototypes for CareMyPet. 
  • Lead iOS, Android, web developers, and designers to create the app. 
  • QA: Test case writing, and bug report. *Launch app in Taiwan and CN market. 
  • Achievements: 【Award】2016動腦行銷傳播貢獻獎–品牌APP獎–銅獎 


  • Definine the key user flow and features for AP/AR Modules based on a brand new biz model. 
  • Documentation: PRD, user flow map, specification, wireframe, and prototype. 
  • QA: Test case writing, bug report, UAT planning. 
  • Operation: WEB/APP release, version control, DAU/MAU monitoring, GA data tracking. 
  • Achievements: Help BD recruit more than 500 partners within 3 months after launching AP/AR Modules, and bring in sales incremental. 

UIUX Designer–friDay Shopping/ friDay ShoppingPlus 

  • Optimization for the user interface and user flow. 
  • Design user flow for e-commerce service across multiple devices and screen sizes. 
  • Define web/mweb/app UI layout and UX framework. 
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes. 
  • Software skills: Sketch, Prott, Zeplin. 


Freelance UX Designer/PM, 1009 Design, 2014/05 ~ 2015/04

In 2014, I joined 1009 Design, and started my job as a freelance worker. It was an unique working experience. My partners and I are separated into 3 difference places in the world. 2 are in the USA, one designer is in Taichung, Taiwan, and I am located in Taipei, Taiwan. We gathered very few times and we used Skype for meeting all the time.


  • Identify the key features of GoMore app. 
  • Create the overall user flow map. 
  • Create wireframes for the official website, app, and a Kickstarter project. 
  • Create the prototype for 2015 CES show booth, flyers, and other marketing events. 
  • Achievements: the product launched on 2015 CES show had received great media attention from TIME, abcNews, PCWorld, etc.

Word King/TOEIC900 
  • Redesign an English learning app, Word King. 
  • Redesign an English learning website, TOEIC 900. 
  • Redesign the backstage system of Word King, to visualize the user data into charts. 
  • Create wireframes, prototypes, and user flow map. 
  • Monitor DAU/MAU and other English learning behavior, such as the frequent time user use this app to learn vocabulary, the frequency of users using this app a week, the percentage of users for different English ability levels.


Project Manager, Telexpress Corp. (2012/06 ~ 2014/04)

In 2012, I started my job at Telexpress. Being a project manager, I was responsible for planning and managing websites, as well as processing online marketing events. 

  • Manage website development projects for PHILIPS 
  • Serve the client, helping manage the project scope, schedule, and budget control. 
  • Take requirements, analyze user needs, and create wireframes for the websites. 
  • Lead web developers and manage the outsourcing design studio. 
  • Business development: assist supervisor to identify key accounts and maintain the relationships. 


Marketing Specialist, AboveNet (2011/08 ~ 2012/03)

In 2011, I entered AboveNet, which offers 9× During the times in 9×9, I had a chance to manage a contest for online video curators across universities, and this contest had drawn a lot of attention from professional media workers in Taiwan.

Project Manager – Industry-University Cooperation Project

  • Manage the Industry-University Cooperation Project. 
  • Open a selective course about online video curation for college students in 5 universities in Taiwan. 
  • Maintain a Facebook Page and official blog about 9× 
  • Maintain the sitemap for Chinese content on 9× *Held a contest for online video curation.



For the past 6~7 years of working experience, I have accumulated several interesting works. The process of making products is always full of fun and inspirations.

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friDay Shopping

friDay Shopping was just no big difference from the common Ecommerce service in the world. My job was to help enhance the user interface. There are a lot of compromises when it comes to being designers for an e-commerce service because the competition is especially fierce. Sometimes we can only ask for having a feature first and talking about the user experience, e.g. look and feel, later.

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friDay ShoppingPlus

This is so far the most creative service I have ever done. The “customized price" is really appealing. friDay ShoppingPlus embraces an innovative business model of E-commerce. “Buy more, save more." has come to live! The price of products will drop if you add more stocks into your cart!

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Alley is the app that help food lovers discover the restaurants that hid in the alleys in Taiwan. It connects users with the restaurants in Taiwan. Users are able to use nearly half price to try out a meal. In this project, I’m in charge of making AP/AR modules to help the store and the accounts clarify the bills and sales.

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CareMyPet is an app that help pet owners and the vets communicate with each other. It aims to create a common language between the vets and the pet owners. We found some problems for the pet owners when their pets are sick, and the purpose of this app is to provide solutions.

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