Mike Chen

3 years developing experience | Web Frontend Developer | Photographer
Can't stop focusing on the details due to Photographer aftereffect
Variable naming OCD, Must give it the right name


Nuts Tech - Frontend Developer

2021/05 – 2021/10 

Vue Nuxt.js Swagger Figma
  • Build Sports games analysis platform : From scratch to launch online ( System design, Router setting, Authorization management, Data visualization, Third-party payment connection )
  • Training new developer :  Writing tech documents to assist new developer ( Code review, Git control training, Component design guideline )
As the developer joined in the early stage, I was assigned to design and build the whole frontend platform system from scratch

Hwao Tech - Frontend Developer

2020/07 – 2021/05 
Vue Vuex Figma Bootstrap Material UI SEO React Next.js
  • Build lottery system from scratch : Both mobile and web version with Vue (Built reusable components, Customized layout, Api connecting, Css animation, i18n)
  • Develop and maintain admin management system : Including games, members, deposit and authorizations management (View, Add, Edit, Delete)
  • Company official website:Setup company's official website and SEO with React and Next.js.
Responsible for rebuilding and maintaining online lottery system and admin system

Alliance Computer Systems Limited - Frontend Developer

2019/09 – 2020/07 
React Redux  Storybook Pixi Canvas Websocket Zeplin
  • Refactor : Using functional programming (FP) to refactor the same project written in object-oriented programming (OOP) style. Applied advanced javascript concepts such as composable and pure component features of FP to write a new library aiming to solve the problem caused by OOP style library, which is tightly coupled and became hard to maintain. 
     The refactored version’s render speed was two times faster
  • Performance adjustment : Tested with Lighthouse, applied reselect to memoize state, useCallback to memoize functions, lazy load and code splitting to reduce the initial load time, and minimize image size for production. Chose pixi.js and GSAP library to manipulate canvas and WebGL creating 2D animations. The benefits from using pixi.js instead of Unity are 2-3 times faster developing time and  much smaller file size.    
  • Carry on project individually : Planned and built canvas 2D animation game that worth millions TWD using React.
  • UI Test : Implement storybook to help reducing QA testing timeline by 2 times.
Online gaming platform as company main products, I was assigned to build and maintain the 2D canvas game content

Full-time professional photographer

2017/01 – 2019/09

  • Proficient in commercial, pre-wedding, wedding and traveling photos 
  • Taipei onsite photographer in global traveling photo platform Sweetescape 
  • Instagram: magicmike.taipei


Good Team Player 

    Figma and Swagger are the tools we used to communicate with project managers, UX designers and other developers. As a good team player, I’m responsible for writing the detailed introduction document for the project by using markdown to help the new developer.   

Coding style 

    I applied the clean code principle and design pattern like facade and bridge pattern to make code more readable and organized. Also used Typescript to defined types and minimized errors.

Side Project 

    SameVibes.net is a social platform based on music taste, allowing people to make friends with their music preferences. Phase one utilizes the most frequently played music and the playlist selected by users to collect data, Phase two will integrate Spotify’s playlists api to run the analysis and recommend new friends. 

    The tech stack for front end is built with Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind and for backend is used with Node / Express and MongoDB as database.


    I enjoy learning new things, And having the self-learning habit after daily work, I managed Tailwind, Typescript, Node / Express, MongoDB and integration testing tool Cypress. 

    Before being a web developer, I was a professional photographer specializing in pre-wedding and travel photos for foreigners traveling in Taipei. I gained experience with picture composition, how to create a good layout, and demonstrated smooth communication skills with foreign clients.


    Besides photography, I’m a coffee lover as well. Addict to ice drip and filtered coffee. My favorite coffee beans are from East Africa and Central America. Which filled with a smooth butter scent, quite fit in with my warm personality.


Frontend Spec
React (Next.js)
Vue (Nuxt.js)
Pixi.js for Canvas
Material UI
Backend Spec
State Management
React hooks
Testing Tools
UI Tools




National Yang Ming University

Master's degree Biomedical/Medical Engineering

2013 - 2015

National Chung Hsing University

Bachelor degree of Biotechnology

2009 - 2013



    SameVibes.net is a social platform based on music taste, I designed the UI from from scratch, The tech stack for front end is built with Next.js, Typescript, Tailwind, Applied i18n and dark mode.

    Backend is used with Node / Express and MongoDB as database, Setup with Cross site scripting prevention, CORS request and Nginx reverse proxy.

Projects 01 00@2x

Using node/express server for the back-end and storing data in mongoDB. Provide custom login form, google auth, and basic CMS function.

Projects 01 01@2x

State managed by redux and data stored in the firebase. Handling Ajax by axios. Unit test with Jest and enzyme.

Projects 01 02@2x

React SPA with random select function and interactive input. Suit for custom event page.

Projects 01 00@2x

Static html site decorated with css all from scratch, using jQuery and javascript for animations. Responsive web design built in.

Projects 01 01@2x

Dynamic video jumbotron design with bootstrap. Animation with animate.css. RWD fully covered.

Projects 01 02@2x

Connect with cryptocurrency API and visualize the data. Decorate with react styled component.

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