黃奕翔 (Mike Huang)

Front-End / Back-End Web Developer

Taipei City, TW

 +886 933 896 568    [email protected]


  • A passionate web developer currently working as a F2E in a start-up and has been well trained with full-stack knowledge and skills. 
  • A teaching assistant and instructor at a coding school to help students become better developers.
  • Having experiences developing full-stack applications, both SPA using Vue.js with RESTful API and SSR, alone and in a team. 
  • Eager to learn and share new web techniques with others via technical blogs, meetups, etc., 
  • Speaker on Happy Coding Meetup: How to build Google Chrome Extension from scratch.
  • Worked in a unicorn startup company before, and is able to adapt to a fast-paced working environment.



  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript (ES6+) 
  • Vue.js / Vuex / Vue CLI / Vue Router
  • RWD
  • Bootstrap / Materialize CSS
  • Ajax (axios)
  • Sass / SCSS
  • Chrome Extension
  • GitHub Pages
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • ECharts / Chart.js


  • Node.js / Express.js
  • Handlebars
  • RESTful API
  • MongoDB (Mongoose)
  • MySQL (Sequelize)
  • Third-party login (Passport / OAuth)
  • Heroku


  • NPM
  • Git
  • i18n
  • VeeValidate
  • Google Maps API
  • Chinese: Native
  • English: Advanced; TOEFL (iBT) score: 103/120

Project & Blog

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Tech Blog

Running blog on Medium: 

  • Constantly learned new technical skills from scratch and share publicly.
  • Posted 20+ articles
  • 100k+ views in total

 Visit My Blog On Medium: https://medium.com/麥克的半路出家筆記

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An online platform, built by a group of 3, for users to readily access and order awesome food nearby at a reasonable price. Dashboards with data visualization are also developed for restaurant owners and admin.

  • Frontend: Vue.js, Vuex, Vuelidate, Axios, Google Maps API, Chart.js, SCSS, Bootstrap
  • Back-end: Node.js, Express.js, MySQL, PostGIS, mocha, chai, NewebPay API
  • Deploy: Heroku, PostgresSQL 
  • Responsibility: Entire front-end development(Wireframe design, Project setup, Build pages for visitors, members, restaurants owner, and admin, Create analytical charts, Handle form validation, Create maps and handle geocoding, Connect to RESTful API)

 GitHub: https://github.com/smallpaes/nextmeal

 Nextmeal Demo: https://nextmeal.herokuapp.com/#/

Side Project

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Placeholder Image Helper

A functional Google Chrome Extension that helps users readily generate placeholder images and find the right royalty-free images with accessible links of all sizes listed on a report that can be copied and used right away!

  • Google Chrome Extension published to Chrome Web Store.
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 4

 Chrome Web Store 

 GitHub: https://github.com/smallpaes/find-placeholder-image

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My Portfolio

  • Learned and built using Materialize CSS Framework, Animate.css, and jQuery.
  • Deployed to GitHub Page.

 My Portfolio Demo: https://smallpaes.github.io/portfolio/

 GitHub: https://github.com/smallpaes/portfolio

Work Experience

Synergies Intelligent Systems, Inc., Frontend Engineer, Feb 2020 ~ Present

Founded in Boston, U.S.A--Devotes to developing an artificial intelligence business decision platform

  • Responsible for developing augmented analytics and business intelligence platform.
  • Work closely with data scientists, product managers, the design team, and other engineers to provide better analytic and data visualization features on the platform.


ALPHA Camp, Teaching Assistant And Instructor, Apr 2019 ~ Present

Tech and startup school that has helped 5000+ talents in Asia build meaningful careers in technology
  • Designed and taught front-end web development courses for students horning the skills needed to become a professional developer. 
  • Enabled and coached 400+ students to solve technical problems by answering students' questions and helping them troubleshoot during their journey of learning to code.
  • Assisted in ensuring students' learning effectiveness by giving personalized code reviews and feedback.
  •  (April, 2019 - Jan., 2020: Internship) 


Uber, Operation specialist, Jul 2016 ~ Jun 2018

  • Successfully launched and led Uber's new driver onboarding programs with a team of 5 by partnering with 60+ local rental car companies, resulting in 175% steady growth on supply each month.
  • Orchestrated favorable and affordable deals for Uber driver-partners and provided support to rental car partners to increase drivers' intention of signups, resulting in 20% incremental supply growth during the most supply-constrained period of the business.
  • (July, 2016 - Sep., 2016: Internship) Focused on driver recruitment and project planning. Was converted to the above full time position after the performance cycle review.



National Chiao Tung University

Bachelor’s Degree, Transportation and Logistic Management, 2013 ~ 2018

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