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呂紹民 Mike Lu

Biostatistician | Epidemiology | ETL | Data Visualization

     I love to discover the mysteries behind data, big or small. 

As a data scientist with more than six years of experience in data-driven decision making (DDDM), my expertise has been helping hospital administrators by analyzing and effectively summarizing the data they need from clinical databases or biological researches carried out in university laboratories.

[email protected], 0965-809-902, Taipei, Taiwan




ETL、Data Visualization

Data Analysis

Parametric Method 

Non-Parametric Method 

Survival Analysis 



Data Analyst-Data power today

TQC-OA Excel Professional

TQC-OA PowerPoint Professional

Work Experience/Education

Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Senior Biostatistician.

Biostatistics | Epidemiology | ETL | Data Visualization  (Nov. 2017 ~ Present)

  • Consolidating clinical database (HIS, NIS system) in the hospital, upon which regular reports and evaluations of various indicators of the hospital and medical resources of the hospital are based.
  • Integrating the instant clinical database (HIS, NIS system), research database, cancer registry system, and the feedback information from the government to establish a cross-platform, value-added database for cancer patients.
  • Assisting academic publications in epidemiology or biostatistics; providing literature search and statistical analysis for regular morning meetings and clinical case discussions in the hospital and various domestic or international conferences.
  • Participating in publishing the annual report of the Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, which contains various analysis and hospital management indicators of cancer in the hospital from 1990 to 2017.


M.S., National Yang-Ming University, in Biomedical Informatics.

Bioinformatics | Machine Learning  (Aug. 2014 ~ Aug. 2016)

  • Summer intern at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Research topic: Use of RNA-Seq data from the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) to explore for and identify novel and known differentially expressed genes and transcripts in paired Colon Cancer samples.
  • Master's thesis: Using a Quadratic Objective Function to Identify Driver Gene Sets in Cancer, during an internship at the Indian Institute of Statistics (ISI).
  • Participating and assisting in the literature search and test of DriverDBv2.


Tamkang University, Bachelor of Statistics.

Statistics | Epidemiology | Modeling  (Aug. 2011 ~ Aug. 2014)




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2. Lu, S.H., Tsai, C.L., Fu, T.C., Chang, P.H., Lu, S.M. A Near Infrared Spectroscopy System for Assessing Rehabilitation on Peripheral Arterial Occlusion Patients. J. Med. Biol. Eng. 40, 592–600 (2020). 


1. Tran-Der Tan, Lun-Wei Chiou, Mau-Ching Wu, Jia-Shing Wu, Ming-Yuan Lee, Yu-Yi Huang, Shing-Su Chen. The Impact of First Complete Remission by PET-CT and Time to Next Treatment on Survival of Follicular Lymphoma Patients. Clinical Hematology International, 1(3),168-172 (2019).


1. Shao-Min Lu, I-Fang Chung, Chun-Liang Lu. A novel approach to find driver gene sets in cancer. (2016).


1. Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center 2020 Annual Report.

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