Hsuan-Yi (Mike) Yang

I like to explore new techniques and communicate with others.

Currently, I'm a back-end developer, and my goal is becoming a software architect.


Work Experiences

Senior Engineer

KKG Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Jun 2021 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

Develop internal systems to improve performance, and enhance the flow

RD Lead

GDP Inc.

Dec 2020 - Apr 2021
Taipei, Taiwan

  • Maintain and develop products, enhance cloud architecture, design database schema, develop API and DevOps works.
  • Lead a small RD Team (1 Back-End and 1 Front-End) to maintain features and refactoring. So far, we have matched up the NT$ 300M loan demand, and there are no disasters caused by products.

Back-End Engineer

GDP Inc.

May 2019 - Nov 2020
Taipei, Taiwan

Design cloud architecture and database schema, develop API projects, and DevOps works for products(Pezza, PezzaPay, PezzaLoan, PezzaFund).

PezzaLoan、PezzaFund 2019/10 - 2020/12

  • Design cloud architecture for web applications based on AWS
  • Build IaC process with AWS CDK
  • Design database schema with AWS Aurora (MySQL)
  • Build GraphQL API based on Django framework, and RESTful API based on Flask framework
  • Deploy products with Nginx and uWSGI to AWS EC2

Pezza、PezzaPay 2019/03 ~ 2019/09

  • Build a product admin which uses the Django framework to develop the RESTful API and uses Bootstrap and jQuery to develop front-end templates.
  • Build web crawlers with BeautifulSoup library and Selenium library.
  • Deploy python projects with Nginx and uWSGI to AWS EC2.
  • Survey Hyperledger Fabric
  • Deploy Fabric to AWS EC2

  • Develop Chaincode to do CRUD work with data

OTC 2019/02 ~ 2019/03

  • Maintain smart contracts developed by Solidity, and deploy public blockchain on Ethereum, and private blockchain owned by GDP.
  • Maintain and develop RESTful API build with Express.js which interacts with web clients and Ethereum.

Back-End Engineer Intern

iiNumbers Inc.

Sep 2018 - Feb 2019
Taipei, Taiwan

Use the Django framework to build a product admin and RESTful API project.

Deep Learning Intern

Information and Communication Laboratory, ITRI

Jul 2018 - Sep 2018
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Try to refactor the Kubernetes scheduler to increase performance  by allocating GPU resources which connect with NVLink together.


National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering & Bachelor of Finance

To become a professional software architect in the Fin-tech field, I double majored in Computer Science and Finance.

2015 - 2019






Node.js, TypeScript






Hyperledger Fabric

About me


My first priority is designing software architectures and programs which are nice to maintain. And keep communicating with PM and Front-End Engineer to develop the features. In the initial stage of the product, I will try my best to launch the PoC and improve it gradually. During the meeting, I would participate actively. And, I would give some constructive feedback based on human resources and deadlines. Moreover, I tried to figure out the necessity of the features for PM.

Work Experiences

So far, my experiences can be divided into 4 parts. There are Software Architecture design, Database Schema design, API development, and Front-End works (JavaScript, jQuery). These experiences help me to build a back-end program well, because I would consider convenience during integration by Front-End. Moreover, I like to study new techniques, and think about improvement for the team or products if I use them.


Because I like to explore new techniques, I often share reviews with my team or communities. I believe that I would grow if I shared my opinion with others.


My goal is to be a Software Architect in 5 years. Also, I will be able to design well-architected architecture, and give professional technical feedback for customers' domain.

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