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温瑋淇/Wei-chi Wen/Vicky

• Changhua, TW

• ✉ [email protected]

• ☎ +886 976207176    


Jan 2012 – Jan 2019

Tainan University of Technology, Taiwan

Bachelor of Music Department, majored in cello, minored in piano.

School Activities

  1. I graduated with second place in my class, and get many times of scholarship. 
  2. I was chosen to be a representative of the graduates, for my organized personality. 
  3. I specialize in design and art, and I have an ample experience in poster design. 
  4. I took classes in Arts Administration and Music Pedagogy at college. 
  5. I hold a concert for twice, and had many experience to be a concert staff, so I'm good at negotiate with my co-workers and keep track of their progress.

Work Experience 

Xanterra Travel Collection, Kitchen Crew, Jun 2019 ~ Sep 2019

After graduated, I applied to work in the United States, and choose a service industry that is totally different from my major. It just stems from a simple but firm determination, "I have to participate in service industry in my life, even just a few month! "Not only I can strengthen my empathy by serving people, more important is that I can learn how to deal with any problems may happen in customers kindly.

In addition, more than three months of work experience also taught me to speak English bravely, and enjoy to worked with people from many different countries. 

The non-native language environment made me more independent, and the diverse working environment cultivated my tolerance and cooperation! 

Nature Musician Band, Cellist, Aug 2015 ~ Jun 2019

Since I was 17 years old, I started to be a musician and went to various corporation events and wedding performances in Taiwan. 

Therefore, my personality is brave and not afraid of stage, and I also learn the skills of communication with clients.

Tai He Learning School, Piano Teacher, Jul 2016 ~ Oct 2018

I have taught more than 20 children in this music classroom. 

The profound experience made me more patient to communicate with children.

Cheng's Piano, Piano Teacher,Cello Teacher Jul 2016 ~ Now

I have been teaching in Cheng's Piano for more than three years. 
The age range is from little children to adults. I am very happy to observe and understand the personality and ideas of each age-group.


Teaching Skills

  • Excellent communication skills proficient with music
  • Instruments: Cello and Piano. 
  • Thorough familiarity with western and classical music.
  • Ability to establish discipline and order. 
  • Highly organized, efficient, dependable, flexible and responsive.

Microsoft Office

Excellent at Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Adobe Photoshop

In addition to majoring in cello and piano, I have learned Photoshop by myself for over eight years, and I have designed many concert posters and manuals.


There have been some frustrations in learning music along the way, some failures in exams and competitions, but it has also made me more tenacious. Now entering the workplace, I hope to bring this attitude and stress resistance to the workplace, accept challenges and overcome difficulties.

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