Mikołaj Witkowski

iOS Developer and Apple enthusiast looking for an internship or junior position.

iOS Developer
Currently Warsaw, Poland

From 2021: Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected]

About Me

Creating functionality-driven, easy to navigate and pleasant to the eye apps with the iOS SDK has been the best thing I got to work on ever since starting my programming career a couple of years back. 

Developing the Apple ecosystem software fulfils my need of helping others through creating applications that facilitate their day-to-day activities and solve their problems. Programming is also a way for me to challenge myself and is an exhaust for my inner need of creative expression. 

Apart from programming I also really enjoy reading about science, playing the piano and electric guitar and learning new things.


My dream job would be working remotely in a team of wonderful people who boost each other’s morale while striving to achieve a common goal.

 I am open to any kinds of projects, my favourite being AI-related ones. With Apple Glass coming in the nearest future and the capability of current Apple devices, I believe the applications of AI software are endless!

The thing I value the most about software engineering is the endless possibilities for development. I would love to learn from more experienced engineers as well as listen to their insights on writing better, cleaner code.

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My Projects

On the left you can find my favourite projects I worked on the past couple of months, the leftmost one being a sorting algorithm visualiser, the two projects to the right - a flashcard app that allows people to revise and study. The algorithm visualiser was made to underline my understanding of algorithms and UI, whereas the flashcards app was something I made on request of my friend who loves studying with flashcards.Both apps use SwiftUI, flashcards also use CoreData.


University of Warsaw, Master’s Degree, Business Management, 2019 ~ 2021

University of Warsaw, Bachelor of Arts (BA), Sinology (漢學), 2016 ~ 2019


國立臺灣大學, Chinese Language Course, 2017 ~ 2017



Swift, SwiftUI, CoreData, CreateML, UI Design, OOP, Python, TensorFlow, Pandas, NumPy, SQL


Diligent, Ambitious, Curious, Cooperative, Passionate, Humorous, Open-minded


Mandarin - fluent, English - fluent, Polish - fluent, Japanese - basic, French - basic

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