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Mildred Cabrera

Hello! I'm Mildred, I'm a passionate traveler and experience reacher who loves everything about the tourism and hospitality industry. I whole-heartedly believe that each and every trip should remain in the memory of the traveler as a unique and breath-taking experience whichever reason or destination it may have and I strive to make it happen wherever I go. I have over 1000 flight hours as a crew member, practical knowledge about hospitality, passenger comfort, safety measures and crew training. Driving my life over the clouds always looking for clear skies ahead.

Guatemala City, GT
[email protected]


Biltmore Hotel | Front Desk

Dec 2019 - Apr 2020

Responsible of day-to-day operations and administrative support: Manage check-ins, schedules, reservations, maintenance, provide information about the hotel and it's surroundings as well as being the go-to reference for both guests and potential guests.

TAG Airlines (Transportes Aéreos Guatemaltecos) | Cabin Crew 

Nov 2014 - May 2018

Habilitation SAAB 340A, ERJ 145

Member of the cabin crew for over 3 years, responsible of attending passengers during their flights, providing information, security and safety guidelines and being part of the first responders in any emergency.

Capgemini BPO Guatemala World | Accountant Assistant

Jan 2014 - Aug 2014
Maintenance of financial records for the account Avon of Central America.


Mariano Gálvez University - Hospitality and Tourism Management

6th semester 


Aerotraining - Cabin Crew Instructor

1 year | 2017


Aerotraining - Cabin Crew Trainee

1 year | 2014


Bilingual accounting - Santa Mónica School

Secondary education | 2012


Other Skills

+ Excellent interpersonal skills 
+ Positive and friendly
+ Solid organizational skills

+ Fast learner
+ Creative problem 
+ Reliable team member
+ Good Customer service
+ First Aid training

+ Independent and easy-going


  • Spanish (Mother tongue)
  • English (Advanced)
  • French (Beginner)


  • Eduardo Hernández +502 4265 9381
        Work colleague
  • Kevin López +502 3519 2620
        Work colleague
  • Henry Zepeda +502 3042 5382
        Work colleague
  • Luis Gálvez +502 5826 6719
  • Willmer Hernández  +502 5515 4478
  • Elisa Muñoz +502 5004 9212

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Boeing 757, La Aurora Airport, Guatemala

More about me

🐰 Animal lover 

🎮 Die-hard gamer 

🤓 Passionated learner 

🍿 Netflix binge watcher 

🍱 Japanese culture fan 

🌄 Landscape searcher 

🎒 Intrepid traveler

👩🏻‍🍳 Cooking enthusiast 

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