Xi-Zhen Wang     王璽禎

Taipei, Taiwan   •    +886 952-694-091    •   [email protected]
Like to explore new information and willing to learn.
With a sense of patient and responsibility in the team.
I am more interested in Backend & Cloud Architect.


NYCU,   Computer Science (國立陽明交通大學, 資訊科學與工程研究所)      Sep 2021 - Jan 2023

NTUSTComputer Science (臺灣科技大學, 資訊工程系)                        Sep 2017 - Jan 2021

  GPA:3.92 / 4.3

  Rank:5 / 25

Work Experience

eCloudvalley 伊雲谷, AWS Managed Service Provider Intern      Feb 2021 ~ Jun 2021

Key Responsibilities:
•   Learned AWS services and wrote technical articles.
•   Developed internal projects for MSP requirements, which helped them troubleshoot automatically.
•   Refactored the IaaS to FaaS to reduce cost or increase deployment efficiency.

•   Developed the Incident Management System which can resolve approximately 70% of CloudWatch alarms.
•   Refactored Wiki System from EC2 to ECS.
•   Held an EKS Workshop to share the technology of EKS and Kubernetes with team members.

•  Incident Management System
  -  Lambda, Step Function, EventBridge, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, Secret Manager, S3, SNS
  -  Terraform, Gitlab Ci, Scrum
•   Wiki System
  -  Docker

IGS 鈊象電子, ML/DL - case member      Sep 2020 ~ Jan 2021

•  Developed an AI automated monitoring platform system to detect the anomaly error logs in the game server, and notify it to IGS in real-time.
•  Used Deep Learning to analyze time-series data.
•  Used the adaptive threshold to update the anomaly range.
•  Deployed the model in the GCP, use Bigquery to process the data.
•  Wrote technical documents (AR model, DSANet, GCP).
•  Researched the papers per week to solve the problems.

NokiaBackend - case member      Feb 2020 ~ Nov 2020

•  Developed a 5G RF Platform System, provide RF (radio frequency) engineers to optimize base stations online.
•  Used Django as backend and MySQL as database.
•  Used ORM to access the DB, combine parameters into complex queries.
•  Adjusted database and optimized SQL, to enhance the performance due to the huge amount of daily base station data.
•  Used Oath2 to provide third-party service permissions and tokens for verification.

博威運動科技公司Backend Intern     Jul 2020 ~ Oct 2020

•  Developed and maintain a system with more than 100,000 members.
•  Implemented ETL, which reconstructs the database, and transposes old data into new data schema.
•  Handled the chip connection with the database, which import more than 10,000 data to DB in time during the marathon contest.

TCA 台北市電腦公會Backend - case member      Jul 2020 ~ Sep 2020

•  Developed a system with an RNG algorithm, which assists TCP to solve the game manufacturers may fake the draw probability in the game.
•  Used Golang as the backend to solve the concurrency situation.
•  Used MongoDB , and design the schema.
•  Encrypted the draw result with a digital signature (RSA-SHA256) to ensure correctness.
•  Implemented Continuous Deployment (CD) with Docker .


   Programming

  • Python
  • Golang
  • C / C++


  • Django
  • Flask

     Database

  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • MongoDB
  • Redis


  • AWS


  • Docker

    Version Control

  • Git
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