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Min Hsu Wang(Cliff)

Taipei ╳ Dazhi   [email protected]

HI ! I'm Min Hsu Wang, graduating from TUNGHAI (THU)university with major in Economics in 2018 and finishing military service at Jun.2019.

Highly effective and ambitious fresh graduate with work experience in trade company , and have strong abilities of administration , project and product management

Now I am applying for the vacancy of PM in technology industry as a result of being passionate about technology products and committing actively to the relative knowledge and enhance the English skill .

Product ManagementProject Achievement

Server  project-Mitac

-Advance efficiency by processing BOM 3 pieces per day.
-Find more than 500 variance about price and components in BOM, and evaluate feasibility  to reply buyers as quickly.

-Solve the problem of Hyperscale project to reduce 80%     cost waste.

Projectors B2C management&clients service-IKANO

Successfully cooperate with maintenance repairer, supplier for satisfying with client's demand(廣明光電) to achieve the 65% revenue performance of goal.

Professional Skill

Data Analysis&Program

Google Analyze(GA)


Programming Language:HTML

Project& Event Management


Project- Micro Office: PPT&EXCEL

Design:Adobe Photoshop

Video:Power Director&Movie Maker


Chinese (Native Speaker) 

English (TOEIC 750, Restart prepare )

International Trade  Management

(class c)

Work Experience

Mitac Inc. PM OCT(2020)~MAR(2021)

●Management of new project, and arrange the schedule for production, delivery(shipment term), livestock

Enhanced 5% RFQ response rate to corporate with buyers, sales and RD efficiently and smoothly.

●BOM created/ maintained, and found the difference about components of chassis between our RD Design          BOM and customer Mock Up BOM.

●Realized the producing process of ME parts , clients'server product(Lenovo)and competitive opponents to          analyze the market strategy and make the Roadmap in chassis projects.

IKANO Trade Inc.(宜卡逽)(Intern), PM in E commerce platform /Sales of Projector Lamp Aug 2018 ~ Feb 2019

●Management of consumer electronics products by arranging some promote online events, providing perfect      customer service consultation for maintenance, price, and product spec.

●Analyzed the operating data and did market research to understand what consumers demand that, so as to      highly increase the conversion rate to get more revenue.

●Researched focus on the projector lamps while completed the B2C projects to achieve sales performance            and presented monthly revenue performance reports.

●Came out with much more creative ideas to stimulate consumption.


Thunghai University(THU), 工商管理學士(BBA), ECONOMICS, 2014 ~ 2018

Economics Project: Predict the exchange rates of Japan, Taiwan, and the USA and compare their difference by utilizing the tool MATLAB according to Economics models.

Leadership & Extracurricular


              -Intern Agent: make cold calling/manage the projects 

              - Elementary school English Camp Leader: arrange schedule&activies/lead the team member 


               - Leadership of school's freshmen(Experienced education) 

3.National Service

               -Volunteer to take care of elders around Taiwan island


【About me】 

     My name is Cliff, I'm graduated from TUNGHAI university, and now I commit actively to the path of PM. Since I was little, I have been fascinated with planning, transaction analysis, so that I have a sense of accomplishment. Also, I enjoy  planning the activities or arranging the trip on vacation and researching the new technology product. Through these hobbies, I developed the abilities of being responsive, communicating with people,and logical thinking. 


    When I attended the university, Besides the professionalism in Economics, I was good at analyzing market of the different products. Moreover, I join the non-profit organization, ''AIESEC'' that taught me how to communicate with English speakers and learned how to deal with the problems between internships and global companies, which helped me grow a lot. In the meanwhile, I got a score of 750 in theTOEIC test and continue improving my English ability. In addition, I got an International trade certificate. 

 【Work Experience】 

    Mitac Technology Inc.: 

       I got off the ground to work as PM in the Mitac where I had to make the project roadmap according to FJ's server products and understood the knowledge about components and theirs production lines&ways. It certainly was difficult for me because I have never experienced before, but I got on track quickly, for example, I replied RFQ to the buyers faster and found much more difference between our RD BOM and EC BOM, and even I contacted with relevant departments to evaluate if the amount and price of components in original BOM had to be changed or not.

   IKANO International Trade Company: 

      Before serving the military, I worked in an international trade company as an intern to manage the eCommerce platform for consumer electronics, later I held the position of sales projectors, it was incredible that I succeed in increasing 20% revenues and 15% profits. What's more, I completed the whole project by solving technical problems through the maintenance providers, learning how to build the bridge between vendors and customers, and planning the schedule of the project.


     After graduating, I kept on searching for PM positions because having strong passion, persistence, insight of market strategy on technology industries, especially pc and cloud server; furthermore, I'm preparing for the PMP which is highly regarded worldwide by gaining more work experience and getting familiar with practicing, also to be proficient in English speaking and writing. 


      For me, to bring value to the company by utilizing my skills is my goal. That concludes a summary of my short career. Last but not the least, I would like to appreciate your time in reviewing my qualification. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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