林孟儒(Meng-Ru, Lin)

Web開發工程師,喜歡嘗試新事物,寫寫side project,玩玩有趣的東西。


: [email protected]



語文能力: Japanese(N2), TOEIC(700)

Technical Skills

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue,Storybook, Jest , Eslint, Storybook 
  • Backend: Kotlin(with Spring boot), MySQL, Python(django, crawler) , AWS, GCP
  • Other: git, Github action


Software Engineer - Nextdrive (First Job)  2021, March - present

  • Projects
        - IOE Suite - Ecogenie+ (A platform which provides operator with information and services for              operational decision, custom service and engagement analysis)
              - Used Vue 2, Vuex, TypeScript, Jest, ESLint 
              - Wrote test with 100% coverage
              -Management system of Ecogenie+ App

        - IOE Suite - Developer (A platform which provides developer for managing services developed             by Nextdrive API)
              - Used Vue 2, Vuex, TypeScript, Jest, ESLint Wrote test with 100% coverage 

        - Work Order Application (A web application for subcontractors to manage work order easily                 which is based on Jira REST APIs)
              - Used React 17, Gatsby.js, TypeScript, Jest, Docker, Kotlin 

        - HEMS - Web App with LINE(A web application which let users easily analyze their power                       consumption)
              - Product News
              - Used React 17, Gatsby.js, TypeScript, Jest, nivo

         - CEMS 2.0 (A cloud monitor system, whick grasp the power usage of your sites and real energy needs) 
              - Used React 17, Gatsby.js, TypeScript, Jest, nivo 

         - Smart Battery Schedule (A web application which provides a smart strategy for battery                           schedule to save electricity through electricity plan and power consumption of users.) 
              - Used React 17, Gatsby.js, TypeScript, Jest

  • I have the ability to create customized components for my colleagues to easily use, such as carousel, scroll picker. 
  • Built a CI/CD pipeline with Github actions to check pr title, publish packages to npm and run some code in order to ensure the program is good before merging into master branch. 
  • Keep refactoring for pursuiting better performance and avoid duplicated code. 
  • Provided other teams with technical support to keep IOE Suite on track and wrote technical documentation for people who would take over the project to easily understand how it works.

Freelancer  2019 - 2020

  • Built several website with WordPress 
  • Cooperated with designer to implement frontend layout using HTML, CSS, JavaScript 
  • Built a LINE Chatbot in Python which can provide weather forecasts for me. 


National Chung Cheng University - B.S., Computer Science and Information Engineering (2015-2020) Chiayi, Taiwan 

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