Miriam Nunn

Biotech Professional with Wall Street Background

Before becoming an arrhythmia device engineer with Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Miriam Nunn worked at Piedmont Hospital and partnered with a number of defibrillator companies. To prepare for her work in healthcare technology, she obtained a master’s degree in arrhythmias and cardiac rhythm devices from the Arrhythmia Technologies Institute in Greenville, South Carolina. Miriam Nunn also holds a bachelor of arts from Greenville’s Furman University and a master of healthcare administration from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

Before starting a family and transitioning to the biotech sector, Miriam Nunn served 15 years as an options trader on Wall Street. As a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley, she was the top producer in her class. Ms. Nunn also served for a decade as vice president of sales with the large financial services provider Bishop, Rosen & Co., leading a sales team of seven to consistently exceed quotas on a monthly basis. Miriam’s greatest passion is continuing the legacy left by her grandfather Dr. Dwight H. Smith. He was a medical doctor by training, but started his first rural hospital in the Upstate of South Carolina when there was an underserved area. Miriam can remember walking through the halls of her grandfather’s first hospital and was forever changed by the expression on the patient’s faces. This has always motivated Miriam to do more and share her blessings with others. Miriam’s grandfather not only changed lives as a physician, but he was one of the largest landowners in the state of South Carolina when he passed and had created a family corporation, where Miriam served on the Board of Directors since 1990. The resources left in L and I Incorporated have given Miriam a platform by which to fund her passion.

Miriam’s grandfather Dr. Dwight H. Smith was not only her role model, but he was a tremendous advocate of college football and the educational opportunities provided by football scholarships. He was an anonymous donor to the Hoyt Cromwell Burnett Football Scholarship at Furman University for over 50 years. The Kingsley Family Charitable Remainder Trust will continue to fund this scholarship and additional ones at Furman University. Dr. Dwight Smith was awarded the coveted Palmetto Award from the governor and the Bell Tower award for his unwavering commitment and generosity to the state of SC and Furman University. He was also recognized as one of the major donors and advocates for growth at The Medical University of SC over the past 100 years by the University’s Board of Trustees. Miriam is determined to build on this legacy by committing financially to the growth and prosperity of her three loves, the state of South Carolina, Furman University and The Medical University of South Carolina.

Atlanta, GA, US

Work Experience

Arrhythmia Device Engineer

Grady Hospital

VP of Sales

Bishop Rosen

Portfolio Manager

Morgan Stanley


Arrhythmia Technologies Institute


Medical University of South Carolina


Furman University

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