Mitchell B. Goldsteen

Mitchell Goldsteen, is the Founder of Oroco Capital. Mitchell Goldsteen, Executive Chairman of Shimmick Construction, has more than 20 years advising and leading a wide range of infrastructure companies. Mitchell is the majority owner and founder of eqhq inc., an equipment tech e-commerce heavy equipment platform. 





1991 - 1995

University of Wisconsin-Madison

BBA - Accounting and Finance

Work Experience

Founder & Chairman


Apr 2021 - Present
Bethesda, Maryland, United States 

The heavy equipment market is broken. eqhq is fixing the antiquated industry and has created the first 100% digital solution to buy, sell and manage heavy equipment. eqhq offers an end to end solution to buy and sell equipment - all for a fraction of todays absurd fee structures. In addition, eqhq has a free SaaS tool to enable all companies to act / benefit as a dealer. Better data = better decisions and eqhq believes the playing field needs to be level. 

Executive Chairman

Shimmick Construction

Jan 2021 - Present
Irvine, California, United States 

We are a market leader in heavy civil infrastructure, focusing on water, transportation, and transit projects. We also offer expertise in deep, complex foundations through our operating company, Legacy Foundations, as well as mechanical, electrical and plumbing; mining infrastructure; and O&M services. 



May 2015 - Present
London, England, United Kingdom 

We process trillions of maritime data points to measure how vessels and cargos move around the world. From assessing risk to understanding supply and demand, our interactive platform empowers the smartest decisions you’ll make. 


Oroco Capital

Dec 2009 - Jan 2021
Bethesda, Maryland, United States Taipei, Taiwan


Contract Transport Services

Jan 2013 - Dec 2015
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States 

Contract Transport Services, established in 1985 and headquartered in Green Bay, WI, is a leader in providing dedicated and Midwest regional transportation services to many Midwest Fortune 500 companies. Our strong reputation for exceptional service has created double-digit growth for the past 10 years. At CTS we have strong values and we focus on respectful and professional interactions. We value the contributions of all CTS employees, and we value the time they put in to ensure they excel at their jobs so CTS can excel in the transportation industry. 


Southside Construction

Jan 2010 - Jan 2012
Walterboro, South Carolina, United States 

Southside, was a well-respected and unique construction firm and manufacturer of mobile military-grade installations that were used in applications including drone command centers, forward operating bases, barracks, basic shelters and more. Southside had a full-scale construction operation complete with welding, assembly, MEP, paint and more. The business produced the highest quality container based construction and expanded into other areas including health care, disaster relief and education. 


Credit Suisse

  - May 2003
New York, New York, United States 

Health Care Investment Banking & Alternative Investments Groups

Changing the Construction Landscape

Technology has transformed the construction industry because companies can build taller, stronger, eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and sustainable structures. Which technologies are transforming the construction landscape? Read on! 

Widespread labor shortages following the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected nearly every industry — especially the construction industry. Despite the construction industry’s significant contribution to the economy of the United States, there are current reports of persisting labor shortages continuing to complicate construction initiatives.


According to Mitchell B. Goldsteen the system targets equipment like haul trucks, loaders, and bulldozers at construction sites, quarries, and industrial plants. Workers often have to manually operate heavy machinery that is expensive to maintain and difficult to maneuver. 

Built Robotics Revolutionizes by Mitchell B. Goldsteen

Built Robotics plans to expand its autonomous technologies. Mitchell B. Goldsteen says the company’s innovative technology and excellent safety record show that it’s committed to revitalizing and revolutionizing the construction industry. 

Mitchell B. Goldsteen Shares Construction Management For Women

However, as per Mitchell B. Goldsteen, these numbers are slowly on the rise. According to Go Construct, a significant 37% of new employees choosing construction after college are women, and there’s a good reason for that. Misconceptions about gender roles are slowly fading, gender-specific PPE disparities are a thing of the past, and with an ever-widening skills gap in the market , getting women into the workforce is more critical than ever. 

Mitchell Goldsteen - Cat's Next MineStar Command Project

A fully autonomous truck is a self-driving semi-truck. Fully autonomous trucks are a part of the growing trend toward automation in the construction and transport industries. Mitchell Goldsteen, founder of, an online equipment platform, believes autonomous equipment will become the standard over the next decade.

Know-How Autonomous Robots Are Changing Construction

Autonomous robots are taking over construction sites, and it is simple to see why industry executives have welcomed them. Buildings no longer require contractor’s tools and equipment; autonomous technologies are changing this sector, allowing us to automate operations previously reserved only for people. By 2030, the global infrastructure market might value around $7 trillion. Learn about autonomous robots and their application in the construction industry.

Mitchell B. Goldsteen – Innovations of Construction Equipment

Construction companies can build taller, stronger, and more energy-efficient structures thanks to the technology developments. Technology has made construction sites reliable, safer, and efficient for companies and workers. It increases productivity, allows companies to handle complex projects, and improves collaboration.

How Long Before New Equipment Arrives? By Mitchell B. Goldsteen

Potential buyers at the World of Asphalt event continue to question – How Long Before New Equipment Arrives? The representatives of some of the largest asphalt equipment manufacturers were often as confused as the attendees at the Music City Center in Nashville between March 29-31. It is difficult to predict how long buyers will be waiting because of various issues, including supply-chain restrictions, labour shortages, and increased material prices.