Mohammed Mufti

C/C++ Developer with 17+ years of experience with in-depth expertise in system programming, designing and debugging. Worked on varied technologies both windows and Linux world from User application to System Programming. Started working for Azure Software Pvt. Limited and expanded working expertise with Microsoft and Amadeus.

Career Objective: 


 To contribute my Software development experience and skills (Analysis/coding/testing/deployment) and collaborate with a team that enhances the organization's success. Have Special Interest in reverse engineering, security, Rootkits and debugging of applications. 

 Professional Summary: 


1. C/C++ developer have experience of product development from scratch on Windows as Well as Linux environment. 

2. Have expertise in use of modern C++ (C++ 14/17/20) including areas like functional C++, template metaprogramming and template specialization and threading. Also has fair amount of knowledge on STL and boost libraries.

3. Have in-depth knowledge in assembly to understand how to optimize the code for optimal efficiency, including usage of compiler intrinsic for GCC and VS.  Have good knowledge and on Interfacing C/C++ with assembly (including inline assembly). 

4. Have in-depth knowledge in Windows and Linux internals 

5. Debugging and reverse engineering are of special interest. 

6. Have good in-depth knowledge on NTFS file system. 

7. Having good amount of knowledge on Data Structure and algorithms. 

8. Have in-depth knowledge on Win32 APIs / threading / IPC on Windows and Linux 

9. Have fair amount of knowledge on Rootkits and its internals

Below are some of the core technologies that have been worked upon: 


a. Windows File System internals and application programming to deal with File System: ( FAT/NTFS and CD/DVD ( optical ) storage on Windows) 

b. Windows Audio / Video programming( DirectShow, DirectX/Direct3D/DirectSound/Media Foundation). 

c. Windows Media Player SDK using C++/.NET. 

d. Windows Internals and Windows Application debugging using WinDbg (Windows Debugger). 

e. Linux Internals and Linux application debugging using Gdb. 

f. MAPI / COM / DCOM programming. 

g. Used Clang-AST to parse C++ code on Linux environment for mass code edit.

Bangalore, India

Phone: +919980053894 / +91 8910259496


Work Experience

Amadeus, Senior Member Of Technical Staff, August 2011 ~ Oct 2019

Software Development Engineer (Lead): Worked for Amadeus via Ness Technologies (Aug 2011 - 28th June 2012)
Senior Member Of Technical Staff (June 2012 - October 2019) 7 years 5 months. 
Place: Bangalore, India

Amadeus IT Group is a transaction processor for the global travel and tourism industry. The company is structured around two key related areas - its global distribution system and its IT Solutions for travel domains. Acting as an international network, Amadeus provides search, pricing, booking, ticketing and other processing services in real-time to travel providers and travel agencies for Air, Rail, Cruise, Cars and hotel through its distribution business area. At Amadeus, was responsible to build and enhance the system based on needs of our customers and business needs.

Responsibilities :

  • Primary responsibility to develop back ends business logic (server) which provides customer requirement related to travel like searching, booking and ticketing. Through web service these back-ends serve customers query in terms of search, shopping and booking of tickets for travel including hotel reservations and bring everything under one itenary / PNR.
  • Worked on a Windows Client tool to calculate duplicate entries for Hotel Properties in GDS. Identify those duplicate entries and tagged as one hotel property.
  • Stabilized some back-ends by enabling to handle faulty messages (Some cases OTF unable to filter faulty messages) and prevented to core dump on production system.
  • Worked on enhancement of EDIFACT/XML messages which gets involved in transaction.
  • Was responsible to ensure back ends are compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standard) and represented Amadeus multiple time during PCI-DSS external audit at Bangalore for Hotel Reservation systems to get yearly PCI compliance certificate. 
  • Involved in modernization of old legacy back ends including design discussion and decision making.
  • Also involved in prototype development for a tool which takes tables schema as .json file and generate code(C++) so data on tables can be used by application. This later gets adopted in RAIL department and became a product which takes care of refreshing/accessing data for meta contents.
  • Worked on design, implementation and deployment of microservices (containerized) on GCP using kubernetes (POC).

Development Environment
C/C++ and OTF (Open transaction framework) on Linux and C# 3.5 and 4.0 for Windows. Using Gdb for debugging, Valgrind and Callgrind for memory leak and profiling respectively.

Microsoft India R & D Private Limited, Support Engineer for Developers (DSC), October 2008 - Aug 2011

At Microsoft, was responsible every day by how our customers use our software and technologies to their business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to what's most important to them. Also includes involvement in core dump analysis of crashed custom applications on partners end which was developed using either using Microsoft / non Microsoft Technologies and running on windows.


  • Primarily responsible for the supporting clients who are into MS technologies and developing products on Windows platform.
  • These include supporting multimedia related development using Microsoft Technologies like DirectShow, DirectX, DirectSound and Media Foundation etc.
  • Understand what are the challenges our customers are facing, troubleshoot their issue, and suggested code based solution. 
  • Was responsible to provide programming solutions (sample code) to customers as and when asked by Microsoft partners. 
  • Written couple of MSDN Knowledge Base articles based on some unique/complex scenarios. 

Development Environment: All Windows Platform, Win32 APIs, DirectShow, DirectSound, WASAPI (Windows audio session APIs), C and C++ and WinDbg.

Ness Technologies (INDIA) Pvt Limited, Senior Software Engineer, May 2006 - Sep 2008

Primarily C and C++ developer for analyst workbench application. Major role to understand the requirement and enhance the legacy analyst workbench software features, along with porting it to modern C++.

Client : Ventyx Inc, USA (It’s now an ABB Organisation) 

Development Environment: Inline assembly for Visual C++, and MFC, STL,  ATL COM, MS-SQL Server 2000, Windows 9x/2000/XP/2003

Thomson Reuters (Formerly Thomson Corporation, Intl), Software Development Engineer, Aug 2005 - May 2006

Primarily responsible for writing different types of file parser application to parse financial data of different types/formats to produce a unique format which gets used with mainframe processing.

Challenge was to parse any type of file using C and C++ only without any third party libraries (since financial data security was a concern), except Microsoft SDKs and Win32 API in some selective cases.

Mostly development was on Windows and tool used Visual Studio.

  • Designed and developed of file parser including XML.
  • Debugging and integration testing for COM component functionality
  • Developed parser for structured file like, outlooks .msg file.
  • Development for generic soap driver to communicate between C++ application and .NET web service.

PSI Data System (Aditya Birla Group), Senior Software Development Engineer, Oct 2004 - Aug 2005

Was primarily responsible for ATL COM component development to manage e-waste for Redemtech Inc, USA. Developed plugins for shell interface on windows (mainly explorer). A new menu item(s) on right click on windows desktop shell gets introduced soon after installation of software on Windows. Also was involved in Master Boot Record (MBR) and file system reconstruction on windows for FAT32 and NTFS.

Mostly development was on Windows and tool used Visual Studio.

Client: Redemtech Inc, USA  

  • Designed and developed of COM Components. 
  • Debugging and integration testing for COM component functionality. 
  • Development for FAT12 boot-able image creation utility. 
  • Developed Win32 service for Pop3 / SMTP mail checking, downloading of mails and mail sending utility. This utility primarily used sending email about password for disk encryption soon before encryption starts.
  • HTML mail format for mail sending as per RFC standard. 
  • Service for automatic setup.exe creation utility. This utility uses visual source safe remote server for component downloading for build. 
  • Upgraded DOS based network enabled hardware detection utility.

Azure Software Pvt. Ltd, Software Development Engineer, Mar 2001 - Sep 2004

Was responsible for development of User Interface based applications using C++, Win-32 SDK and Microsoft Foundation Classes for Windows File System and Registry cleanup. Primarily worked for American Megatrends Inc, Japan. Also integrated RAID based driver with User Interface based application for Windows. Worked on OCR application to recognize words and numbers from scanned image and save the copy as text documents.

Project Summary at Azure Software Pvt. Ltd

1. Automated Weather Reporting systems This project is basically a networked based, weather parameter collection system. This software collects data from sutron device (gets weather data from satellite, GOES) and store weather parameter for every minute to an oracle database for future reference and prediction. 

Client: Defense Research development organization, India (DRDO). 

  • Designed and developed Graphical User Interface and data capture module. 
  • Developed Graph classes for online graph display based on weather parameter data feed(live). 
  • Developed User Interface graph classes for instance data display. 
  • Added functionality for Zooming and scaling of graphs. 
  • Developed serial port data capture module for windows.

2. FILExtinguisher / WipePilot This is system software for cleaning magnetic media securely without disturbing native OS. This is built for Windows families of Operating systems. 

Client: American Megatrends Inc, Japan. LC Technology Inc, USA

  • Designed and developed GUI. 
  • Added Windows XP like (look and feel) GUI Controls. 
  • Developed windows shell extension (dynamic link library) for adding menu to windows context menu. 
  • Developed FAT and FAT32 file system cleaning module. 
  • Tested module for NTFS file system cleaning and fixed issues related to fragmented MFT. 
  • Completed internationalization of the application. 
  • Developed format and check disk functionality as a feature of the application. 
  • Played role in debugging, bug tracking and integration of different modules.

Development Environment: C, Windows SDK, Visual C++, MFC and Inline assembly for Visual C++, Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP (For English and Japanese version).

3. WinOCR (Optical character recognition system for Windows) This application software is used for conversion of scanned tiff based image to windows editable text file. This software can only convert alphanumeric characters of images to text files. 

Client: SoulTek GbR, Germany. 

  • Designed and developed applications GUI using MFC. 
  • Modified and developed scan engine from Linux source code to windows. 
  • Also made performance improvement for image to text conversion on windows host.

4. Net ODBC This is networking based system software to configure all networked PC’s ODBC (Open Database connectivity) from a central base. 

Client: Product of Azure Software. 

  • Designed and developed applications GUI using MFC. 
  • Developed Client server module based on sockets. 
  • Also performed the integration of the project and Unit testing to test functionality. 
  • Packaged the application for distribution.

5. DSPMon (Distributed System Performance Monitoring system for Windows) This software system is a network based PC hardware and load monitoring system for all networked PCs from a central base. The administrator can generate PC up time to usage report for all network users at any point in time without visiting individual machine in network. This software collects all networked PCs usage data at regular interval and dumped it to a central database for future reference and consolidation.

Client: Defense Research Development Organization, India (DRDO). 

  • Developed first phase of design documentation. 
  • Developed High Level Design (HLD) for client. 
  • Developed Client part for Hardware detection.
  • Developed Server to trap all information from client. 
  • Developed oracle call interface module to store discovered module to a central database. 
  • Developed report generating and monitoring page-using ASP.NET. 
  • Developed OCX module for online graph.

6. Privacy Pilot This system software is responsible for removal of windows garbage files from system permanently. It is also configurable to launch at the time of booting of OS. It also detects and removes temporary internet cache files upon closure of browser.

Client: American Megatrends Inc, Japan, Jungle Inc, Japan. 

  • Developed application GUI for user interaction. 
  • Developed file searching and securely cleaning of files and contents from file system including recycle bin, Internet cache files. 
  • Developed FAT/FAT32 and NTFS file system cleaning module. 
  • Provided support for all type of browser, like Netscape, IE, Opera etc. 
  • Also played role in testing and debugging of the application.


  • Recognition Received High Flyer Awards from Amadeus (FY 18, Q4).
  • Received ACE (Architect of Excellence) from Microsoft (FY 11, H1). 
  • Received ACE (Architect of Excellence) from Microsoft (FY 09, H2). 
  • Received Certificate of Achievement for Think week paper, titled "Unified text authoring framework". 
  • Received Awards from Ness Technologies for performance on multiple occasions within the work division. 
  • Earned three gold badges in  Hacker rank for solving 30 days coding challenge(30 problem solved in 30 days), problem solving(algorithm and DS) and practice problem solving on C and C++.

Articles on Code guru (

  • Published following articles in on detail for data retrieval.
  • Published an article on Outlook 2000 .msg file structure and how to retrieve data from .msg file
  • Raw Input Device information: 
  • Device Path Information: 
  • How to add DMO in DirectShow filter graph: 


  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in computer application, 2020 - 2021)
  • Jaipur National University, Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Computer Science. 
  • National Institute of Information Technology (GNIIT), Diploma, Software Engineering.
  • University of Calcutta, Bachelor of Science (BS)


  • Certified C programmer from University of California, Santa Cruz and Offered through Coursera
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