Mohit Kulkarni 

  • Seeking entry level jobs in Software Engineering domain with an organization of high repute. 
  • Proficient in basics of Java, C++ and SQL. 
  • Conversant with basics of Hibernate and Spring. 
  • Ability to demonstrate technical concepts clearly. 
  • An enthusiastic fresher with good communication, highly motivated and positive towards work.

 Pune, IN
[email protected]   

 +91 9623611088


1. Programming  :  Java, C++, SQL

2. Frameworks   :  Basics of Hibernate, Spring 


The data in cloud is having poor security norms. Data needs to be stored in encrypted format while storing. So to search the required data by the user on the encrypted data requires data decrypted first and then search, so this eventually slows down the process of searching. 

Thus an idea of searching required to search over the encrypted data without decrypting the original data enhances searching and saves time.

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Project Title    :   Efficient Similarity Search Over Encrypted Data 

Aim                  :    Enable quick search & access on cloud data. 

Role                 :    Team Lead 

Contribution  :   1. Project Documentation and Analysis 

                              2. Coding in Java and SQL Team task assignment and Co-ordination  

Platform         :     JAVA and SQL


2017 : B.E Computers from "D Y Patil Institute of Engineering and Technology, Pune" with an aggregate of "64.8%".


  1. NPTEL Online Certificate in “Introduction to Modern Application Development” conducted by IIT Madras 2017.
  2. Skill enhancement initiatives. 
  3. Member of ACES (Association of Computer Engg Students). 
  4. Campaigning for ACES to attract students from different colleges. 
  5. Participated in college events of Coding, Presentations and Gaming.


    1. Passion for creativity. 

    2. Focus & Commitment towards work. 

    3. Honesty & Integrity. 

    4. Open Minded. 

    5. Learn from mistakes. 

    6. No Easy Give Up.


     1. People Management.
     2. Peer Delegation. 
     3. Time Management. 


  1. Watching Tech news/Programs. 
  2. Playing Football. 
  3. Photoshop CS6. 
  4. Watch English movies and series.


 Date of Birth   : 14th Dec 1995 

 Nationality      : Indian 

 Address           : GangaSkies, Vallabhnagar, Pimpri, Pune-18 

 Languages      : English, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada 
 Passport         : Available 

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