Mong-Che Lee

Experienced web application seeking a position to build a scalable web service.


 [email protected]


Work Experience

Software dev engineer Contractor, Verizon Media (yahoo), Mar 2019 ~ Aug 2020

  • Design RESTful APIs documentation in swagger and implement PHP, Java web service
  • Work with Github enterprise to manage repositories and perform branch, merge
  • Build a containerized web application with Docker 
  • Interact with MSSQL, MySQL centralized databases
  • Implement test automation (unit tests and functional tests) in screwdriver CI/CD pipeline
  • Perform scheduling cron job and distributed locking based on zookeeper
  • Migrate PHP5 codebase on RHEL6 to PHP7 on RHEL7
  • Stress test simulating heavy traffic load to measure QPS
  • Build a CI/CD pipeline to deploy AWS CloudFormation templates and setup AWS resources

Technical skills

  • Programming language: Java, PHP
  • Database: MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • CI/CD: screwdriver, CodePipeline
  • Container orchestration: Docker
  • Cloud services: CloudFormation, DynamoDB, Data pipeline, S3
  • Other: Git, Jira, Scrum


Jing cafe (shopping), Aug 2017 ~May 2018

Developed an E-commerce website for customers to use browser or mobile device to purchase products and manage their delivery

  • Apply multi-platform responsive design on desktop and mobile devices
  • Use Bootstrap4, Ionic, Sass to design UI/UX
  • Use Angular1 + ES6 and 3rd party libraries
  • Build RESTful APIs in PHP slim framework
  • Utilize Laravel Eloquent ORM and Twig template.
  • Interact with PostgreSQL database and Redis cache storage
  • Apply security like AuthGuard, CSRF token, Yaml Validation
  • Use package manager like npm and composer


CBM facilities & security management Co., Feb 2017 ~ Jul 2017

Developed a parking monitor system to control the situation of parking, manage monthly members (parkers) and parking lot management

  • Build front-end application using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and Bootstrap3
  • Create dynamic web pages via PHP using jQuery Ajax
  • Use socket UDP communicate with doors and card readers
  • Export monthly member record and driving record to Excel and PDF
  • Interact with PostgreSQL relational database
  • i18n language transfer using sqlite



National United University, BS in electronic engineering, 2014 ~ 2018

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