Monica Gyorke

AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist with programming skills in Python and SQL. Possesses a demonstrated knowledge of statistics, quantitative analysis, and data science applications. Skilled in model building, evaluation, optimization, and deployment. Engineers ML pipelines using cloud-based services and solutions. Excels in public speaking, data storytelling, and communicating with non-technical audiences. Over twenty years experience in customer-facing roles, management, and sales. Able to work in a bilingual capacity. Has previously lived in Austin, NYC, and Spain.


Machine Learning Specialist
Ecorse, MI USA

phone: (313) 624-5787

email: [email protected]


DeepLearning.AIMachine Learning Engineering for Production (MLOps) Specialization  2022

Amazon Web Services • AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty 2021

Wayne State University • Dual B.A. Spanish | Peace and Conflict Studies 2012

Technical Stack

Python • SQL • Tableau TensorFlow • Keras • Amazon Web Services • Docker • Kubernetes • Github • Jupyter Notebook • Scikit-Learn • Numpy • Pandas • Seaborn • Matplotlib

Work Experience

Office Assistant  Essential Screen Printing  Detroit, MI  Nov 2020 - Present

Set up shop management software to automate workflows, track invoices, and generate reports for analytics. Organizes Quickbooks and helps with reconciliation. Aids in production-related tasks. Part-time employment.

Michigan Sales Representative|Bartender  Two James Spirits  Detroit, MI  Jan 2014 - Mar 2020

Initiated sales position and strategically planned marketing structure. Built and maintained relationships with clients and distributors. Collaborated with external partners in Mexico on product development.

Bartender • Barrio Chino  New York, NY  Jul 2013 - Dec 2013

Demonstrated high level of efficiency and excellent customer service acumen, while collaborating with team members in a fast-paced environment. Expedited payment transactions and cash draw maintenance.


End-to-End Machine Learning with SageMaker Pipelines  MLOps • Machine Learning • 2022

Just a BiT: Using BigTransfer for Near-Duplicate Image Search Computer Vision  2022

Flowers, everywhere Computer Vision • 2022

Image Captioning Using a CNN + Transformer  Natural Language Processing • Computer Vision  2021

Data Augmentation: Mess it up so we can make it work • Data Augmentation • Computer Vision  2021

3D Rendering with NeRF!  Computer Vision • 2021

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