Monica Gyorke 

AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist with a demonstrated knowledge of statistics, quantitative analysis, and data science applications. Skilled in model building, evaluation, optimization, and deployment. Performs data engineering and utilizes cloud-based services and solutions. Excels in public speaking, data storytelling, and communicating with non-technical audiences. Over twenty years experience in customer-facing roles, management, and sales. Able to work in a bilingual capacity. Has previously lived in Austin, NYC, and Spain.


Machine Learning Specialist
Ecorse, MI USA

(313) 624-5787

[email protected]

Education and Certifications

Amazon Web Services (AWS)  AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty • 2021

DeepLearning.AI  Machine Learning Engineering for Production (MLOps) Specialization • 2021

Wayne State University  Dual B.A. Spanish | Peace and Conflict Studies  2012

Technical Stack

Python  •  SQL  •  Tableau  •  TensorFlow  •  Keras  •  Amazon Web Services  •  Docker  •  Kubernetes  •  Github  • Jupyter Notebook  •  MS Office  •  Scikit-Learn  •  Numpy  •  Pandas  •  Seaborn  •  Matplotlib  

Natural Language Processing  •  Computer Vision  •  Traditional Machine Learning Methods  •  Data Science Applications  •  Neural Network Topologies  •  Quantitative Analysis  •  Applied Statistics  •  Algorithmic Design and Implementation  •  Hyperparameter Tuning  •  Experiment Tracking  •  Report Generation  •  Data Security and Privacy  •  Technical Debt Reduction  •  Pipeline Orchestration  •  ML Production Systems

Project Experience

Image Caption Generation

Using Flickr8k dataset, employed a CNN architecture with Transformer and Multi-Head Attention. EfficientNet-B0 served as baseline.  Most recent tuning and optimization efforts achieved validation accuracy of 85%.

Customer Segmentation

Pre-processing steps on marketing data included feature engineering, standardization, and normalization. Employed KMeans for clustering, PCA for dimensionality reduction. Autoencoder architecture.

Work Experience

Michigan Sales Representative | Bartender  •  Two James Spirits, LLC. Jan 2014 - March 2020

Initiated sales position and strategically planned marketing structure. Built and maintained relationships with clients and distributors. Collaborated with external partners in Mexico on product development.

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