Bo-Nian Chen

System Engineer

  Taipei, Taiwan

Having 3+ experience working as a full-stack software engineer in Web Development. I love seeking and resolving problems which could give me challenges. Once I took over it, I knew I would be more outstanding. As a software engineer, making this world better by constructing a brand new service always makes me excited.

"Strong people don't put others down. They lift them up." This is my motto. To achieve this, I expect myself to be stronger and learn harder and harder in software skills. Hoping juniors could stand on my shoulder and build another appearance of world with me.




JAVA | Servlet
Spring MVC | Spring Boot

BXM Framework
Docker | Kubernetes


JSP | Thymeleaf
JavaScript | JQuery
ZK | VueJS | AngularJS


Oracle SQL | MySQL


Linux | Jmeter
Line Chatbot SDK
Jasper Report


SVN | Git | Bitbucket
Jira | Conference






Junior Manager (System Analyst)  Full-Time

LINE Bank  •  Jan 2020 - Present 

  • Developing and troubleshooting the core system of loan servicing which is responsible for loan disbursement, contract confirmation, repayment, loan condition change and loan-related document applications with BXM framework based in Spring and Mybatis.
  • Established the Unit test for critical functions with JUnit
  • Implementing the algorithm to calculate the APR(Annual Percentage Rate) of loan for evaluating the profit.
  • Write technical documents for maintaining the core system with Korean vendors.
  • Generating bulk test data using for logic testing of loan repayment and condition change with Jmeter.

System Developer  Full-Time

Webcomm Technology  •  Apr 2018 - Jan 2020

  • Taiwan Railway 4th generation ticketing system development
    • Developing and maintaining the Conductor and Operation group system with ZK framework.
    • Improving the performance and program coverage according to the report generated from Fortify.
    • Constructing a chat bot with LINE SDK which is used for alerting the system abnormal to developers.
    • Writing the technical document for maintaining the system.
  • Motor Vehicle Driver Information Service
    • Develop new features for the MVDIS service with Spring 3 and Tiles.
    • Integrating bunch of different APIs from DGH core system into MVDIS.
    • Built a new feature used for touring bus dispatching to the member of tourist industry.
    • Construct a new web service for signing the school bus contract.
    • Implement the function of coach car routine checking reservation.
    • Refactor the source for being more readable and more maintainable.
    • Self-learning Vue.Js in one month and applying it for full-stack development.
  • Motor Vehicle Driver Valuable Application Service
    • Developing and maintaining the system with Spring 4
    • Build a new Restful API for inquiring all vehicle plate number of natural or juristic person.
    • Adding additional logic in original service, and debugging the service.
    • Refactor the source to be more readable and more maintainable.
    • Write the technical document for API user.

Class Rep  Trainee

Institute for Information Industry - JAVA Web BA106  •  Oct 2017 - Mar 2018

  • Leading the project, Song-La platform, which is Uber Eat-like service with agile development.
  • Designing the DB Schema of RDBMS(Oracle) with UML tools. (Astah,
  • Constructing the project architecture with Servlet and tomcat. Using Hibernete for DB OR mapping.
  • Implementing the cart and order system with Java, Javascript, jQuery and bootstrap 3.
  • Implementing the push message and chatting room with Web Socket.
  • Implementing the route planning for deliveryman with google map API.
  • Distribute the project to AWS EC2 container.

Equipment Engineer  Full-Time

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.  •  Aug 2016 - Sep 2017

  • Operating routine equipment maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting the machine in product line.
  • Equipment abnormal prevention and improving the performance of the machine.
  • Planning consumable purchase and analyzing the relation between yield and consumable.
  • Supporting factory assistant machine installation.
  • Maintain the precision measuring instrument


2013 - 2015

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Master of Electrical Engineering

2009 - 2013

National Changhua University of Education

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Side Project


Louise (Line Chat Bot)

Used for inquiring about the weather in Taiwan. Also, you could ask her for news.
If you're hungry, maybe she'll recommend some.

Spring Boot | LINE SDK | Dialogflow


Used for convenient reservations.
Just because I'm in charge of it when I'm the class rep in the III.

Spring Boot | ZK framework| VueJS

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