Stanley Yu (Chen-Yuan, Yu)

Software Engineer

  • 8+ years of system development experience working with C#, PHP, Python, Go, etc. 
  • Familiar with experiences and knowledge on relational databases such as MSSQL, MySQL, ORM, SQL syntax.
  • Passionate about software development,keep learning every technology in free time.




Information Technology Section Manager | Nov 2017—Present

Engineer | Nov 2015—Nov 2017

Management Information System Assistant Engineer | Nov 2013—Nov 2015

  • Designed and developed 10+ software including  windows desktop app, RESTful API Service , mobile app, etc.
  • Modified existing software for higher performance. 
  • Integrated and built other departments work flow to a paperless office.
  • Coded, optimized and maintained existing program code.



  • Service&Repository design
  • ORM
  • OOP
  • RESTful API


  • MySQL
  • Mongodb
  • Familiar with RDBMS, Database normalization
  • Familiar with Schema design
  • Familiar with SQL syntax, Stored procedure
  • Understanding of NoSQL design concept

3th Party Implemented Functions

  • First Bank payment flow
  • Facebook API
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook fan page
  • Google Map API

C# (8 Years)

  • Generic 
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • .NET Framework
  • Windows Forms
  • WPF
  • Windows Service
  • LINQ
  • Lambda
  • Entity Framework
  • Material Design In XAML Toolkit

C# Implemented Functions

  • Implement ICommand and INotifyPropertyChanged interface to binding XAML and database(WPF)
  • E-commerce website(Web Forms)
  • Using Unity implement mobile game App
  • Using session implement login and cart(Web Forms)
  • Using ADO.NET bind form and database(Web Forms)
  • Login image validation(Web Forms)
  • Web API(Web Forms) 
  • Using Setup Wizard package project to msi installer and add installer initial parameter
  • Thread batch(file upload, create directory, ouput Excel)
  • Timer execute timing file upload(Window Service)
  • HttpWebRequest POST data to other Services
  • Access directory and file
  • Forms of user permission 
  • Basic string compare and split
  • Regex validate field format

PHP (2 Years)

  • PDO
  • PHPMailer

GO (1 Years)

  • Gin
  • GORM
  • Goroutine
  • Gocron

Python (<3 Months)

  • Django

PHP Implemented Functions

GO Implemented Functions

  • RESTful API Service
  • JWT login, 15 mines logout
  • Goroutine execute timing email send
  • Upload Excel batch
  • File upload and download

Python Implemented Functions

Ruby on rails Implemented Functions

  • Experience less than 3 months
  • File upload, create directory Web API
  • Rails new create project
  • Rails generate create controller

C++ Implemented Functions



  • Docker
  • Docker-compose
  • Linux command
  • Nginx, Apache, Jexus, IIS deploy
  • Understanding of Scrum concept
  • Understanding of Master-slave


  • Familiar  with add, commit, push, pull, init, etc
  • Understanding of Git flow concept


  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • XCode


  • Try using Fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana to create custom visualizations
  • Try using Python, Hadoop and Spark to analyze  log



  • SPA
  • SEO
  • Axios connect API
  • RWD
  • Understanding of ES6
  • Understanding of PWA, SSR

React (1 Years)

  • Implement HR system
  • Familiar  with Class Component
  • Familiar  with Parent-child component State and Props

HTML/CSS (3 Years)

JavaScript (3 Years)


Lee-Ming Institute of Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering

Aug 2006 - Jul 2011