Shaun Chen

Backend Engineer

  Taipei City, Taiwan

Active personality, pursuit of change, graduated from the Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University. During my Master's year, I focused on ultrasonic diagnosis and machine learning algorithms. After graduation, I worked as a medical computing engineer at Wistron, where I used Python to develop various medical problems for about one year, including machine learning algorithm and various image processing pipelines. In the process, I feel that if AI is to be implemented, the back-end skills are indispensable. Then I  was trained in the training camp for six months. Fullstack in the early stage, project-oriented learning at the back-end in the later stage.

[email protected]

0912 011 674




  • Python
  • Flask


  • MySQL
  • Redis


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Boostrap


  • EC2
  • S3
  • ElastiCache
  • CloudFront
  • Lambda


  • Git 
  • OpenCV 
  • Nginx
  • Keras
  • PyTorch


  • English —  TOEIC 895


S&S(online shopping platform)

This project is an auction site, but the function focuses on group-buying products.

  • Python Flask framework
  • Set up in  AWS EC2
  • MySQL (AWS RDS )
  • Cache with Redis (AWS ElastiCache )
  • Implement product expired with AWS Lambda and AWS EventBridge 
  • Implement instant communication with WebSocket
  • Use TapPay API to pay with credit card
  • Set up a account book to control the payment flow of the entire website
  • MVC design pattern 
  • RESTful API 
  • HTML.CSS and JavaScript with Boostrap 

Taipei Travel Web

This project is a travel ordering itinerary website.

  • Python Flask framework
  • RWD with HTML.CSS and JavaScript
  • Set up  in  GCP


Backend Trainee  •  軟體工程師扶持計畫

二月 2021 - 八月 2021

Project-based learning and collaboration training including front-end and back-end are mainly carried out in the training camp.

  • Complete the travel itinerary ordering website set up by GCP in six weeks.
  • Use Git for collaborative training in one week.
  • Complete a shopping website built on AWS in six weeks.

Medical Computing Engineer  •  Wistron

三月 2020 - 三月 2021

Mainly use machine learning and deep learning methods to assist hospitals or research institutes in medical-related research.

  • Cooperate with the Academia Sinica to complete the deep learning interpretation of the effects of stroke cells, with an initial accuracy rate of 80%.
  • Cooperate with major hospitals to build liver tumor prediction classification models.
  • Handling various preprocessing and post-processing about medical images. 


National Chung Hsing University 

Bio-industrial Mechatronics Engineering

2013 - 2017

National Taiwan University

Institute of Applied Mechanics

2017 - 2019

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