Mina Huang

Passionate about Web development, currently working as a Full-Stack Developer with enthuses on Front-End Development. Excellent cross-functional communication skill, especially with UI/UX Designers for building B2B website. Several projects are included in my portfolio for review and to demonstrate my web development stack.

Full-Stack Web developer
Taipei, Taiwan

[email protected]



  • React.js (React hook) / Next.js / Redux / Context API 
  • Flutter web / mobile (Dart) 
  • Vue.js / Vuex / Composition API / Vue Router 
  • JavaScript(ES6+) 
  • TypeScript
  • Bootstrap / Vuetify / Bootstrap-Vue / Antd / Tailwind CSS 
  • PWA

Back-end / DevOps

  • RESTful API
  • Node.js / Express.js / Nest.Js
  • PHP / Laravel Framework 
  • MongoDB / MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Mongoose ORM / Sequelize ORM / TypeORM
  • AWS EC2 / Heroku / GCP (Firebase)
  • Docker / K8s
  • Nginx / Apache2 


  • MVC / MVVM Architecture
  • CI/CD
  • Git 
  • Unit Testing / E2E Testing / TDD 
  • Linux / Ubuntu 
  • Crontab
  • Bash Scripting


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Monitoring Services


  • Designed and Developed a Node.js / Express.js / MongoDB backend application with third-party API 
  • Design and develop Restful APIs for mobile and front-end applications 
  • Set up Git/Git flow for legacy projects 
  • Set up CI/CD for existing web applications
  • Set up Nginx web server on AWS EC2 for Node.js backend / Next.js frontend applications 
  • Cloud server operations with AWS EC2/SQS/S3 
  • React Hook / Next.js registration form 
  • Apply Ant-design UI framework

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Todo-list (Next / Redux)

Todo-list is a web application which applied what I learned in React, Next and Redux, It uses CRUD to modify items in app

  • React / Next for building a website in fast
  • Import Redux for managing and storing global data
  • Users can manipulate CRUD actions in Todo-list smoothly
  • Apply Ant-Design UI framework to design a beautiful User Interface
  • Deployed on Zeit

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MAYNOOTH Front-end is an e-commerce application built by Vue, the users on site are classified into two types: visitor, admin. With E-commerce Website Back-end Server project, my teammate and I built a full-stack e-commerce application. 

  • Vue-Cli to create the project
  • Vuetify and Bootstrap-Vue UI frameworks to make the UI fascinated
  • Sweetalert2 to show pop-up and toast message
  • Vuex  to manage global user's data, easy to access data in every component
  • Moment.js for parsing date and time format
  • v-chart,v-viewer to show charts and product's image
  • Material-icons for website's icon

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Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker applies HTML/CSS/Bootstrap to build basic web interface (RWD), show transaction data in year and month at homepage, also summarize inflow and outflow of transactions with filter categories feature. It has two versions with different database (MySQL and MongoDB). 

  • Front-end: HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • RWD: Bootstrap CSS framework
  • Template: Handlebars to render dynamic web page
  • Back-end: Node.js/Express.js
  • Database: MySQL/Sequelize ORM, MongoDB/Mongoose ORM

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Restaurant Forum

Restaurant Forum applies HTML/CSS/Bootstrap to create RWD web site. Create API server with node.js and express.js for making SPA in the future. Through handlebars to render dynamic content and show page depends on user role.

  • Front-end: HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • RWD: Bootstrap
  • Template: Handlebars to render dynamic web page
  • Back-end: Node.js/Express.js. Apply RESTful API, MVC in the project
  • API: develop API server,aiming for making Single page application preparation
  • Database: MySQL/Sequelize ORM
  • Deployment: Heroku


Amaryllo, Full-Stack Developer, Feb 2020 ~ Now

  • Designed and Developed a B2B React.js / Next.js front-end application within a month
  • Maintain existing  PHP / Apache web application
  • Design and develop Restful APIs for mobile and front-end applications
  • Debug on various projects
  • Set up  Git/Git flow for legacy projects
  • Set up CI/CD for existing web applications
  • Communicate with UI/UX designers on front-end designs



Alpha Camp

Full Stack Development bootcamp, 2019 ~ 2020


National Taipei University

 Master Degree, Graduate institute of Urban Planning, 2013 ~ 2015

Chinese Culture University

Bachelor Degree, Department of Urban Planning and Development Management , 2009 ~ 2013
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