Tzu-Kai Chou

A junior backend engineer graduated from National Chengchi University with a Geomatics Master's degree in the department of Land Economics. Seeking a backend engineer job.

Email:[email protected]

Github :

Phone: 0983594835

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Gabor Ltd.  

Backend Engineer,2018 - 08 ~ 2019 - 06,Remote

  • Use Laradock package to build docker development environment. Experienced in php , laravel, mysql, mariadb, elasticsearch, redis, nginx. 
  • Use Php Laravel framework to build E-commerce web application. Experienced in building a profit sharing system, user create activity system, google&facebook oauth login, email verify system, user points update event listener, notification system, voyager admin. 
  • Use Php Laravel framework to build Yahoo media web application. Experienced in pc&mobile revision, movie schedule&ticket system, upload file to S3&GCP through command line, ajax.
  • Use Python Scrapy framework to crawl website information as an item, and curl api to create item. Experienced in crawl skyscanner, kkday, yahoobuy. 

National Chengchi University

Graduate Teaching Assistant2017 - 03 ~ 2018 - 06,Taipei

  • Introduction to Computer Programming - Help students use Python to solve actual problems, such as: using python to crawl ptt NBA, using django to build own blog.

Research Assistant,2016 - 11 ~ 2017 - 03,Taipei 

  • Use Python Django framework to build a geographic information system of the NCCU. Experienced in using postgresql to process data, using leaflet map api.


National Chengchi University 

Master's degree, Geomatics.,2016 - 2018

  • Thesis:  

  1. Integration of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Motion Detector in Historic Story Telling—a Case Study of Dadaocheng Historic Districts

  • Awards: 

  1. Outstanding Paper Award. (2017-07) Taiwan Geographical Information Society
  2. Excellent Teaching Assistants Awards. (2017) National Chengchi University 
  3. Scholarship of graduate student. (2017) National Chengchi University

National Chengchi University

Bachelor's degree, Geomatics.,2012 - 2016

  • School Activities:

  1. Captain of the cheerleading squad of Land Economics department (Sophomore).

  2. Captain of the basketball squad of Land Economics department (Junior).


Programming Languages:

Python, Django framework, Scrapy framework, PHP, Laravel framework.




Git flow, Elasticsearch, Docker, Postman, Redis, linux.

Side Projects

Ecommerce Website, 2019 - 06 ~ 2019 - 07  

Technologies: Docker, PHP, Laravel, Mysql, Elasticsearch, Git, Google Login Api.

This is an e-commerce demo website that presents the following features: basic products display, products checkout system, products search system, shopping cart system, membership system.


Weather Search Website2018 - 07 ~ 2018 - 08

Technologies: Python, Django, Git, Sqlite, Open weather api, Open street map api.

This is a weather search website, you can search places that the weather you want to know, and it will display the weather information about that place.


Order System Website,  2019 - 06 ~ 2019 - 06

Technologies: Python, Django, Git, Sqlite3, Docker, Heroku, Chart.js.

This is a django project based on orders and products provides free shipping pie chart, cohort chart and top 3 popular products. The project uses  docker as development environment  and deploys to heroku.

Nccu Map Website2017 - 11 ~ 2018 - 03

Technologies: Python, Django, Git, Postgresql, Elasticsearch, Leaflet Map Api.

This is a geographic information system of NCCU. The website provides user to search the information of NCCU living circle.

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