Andy Chou (Tzu-Kai Chou)

Backend Developer

  • 2+ years of working experience as a back-end developer using PHP and Laravel Framework.
  • Responsible for multinational large-scale projects: McDonald's, Bulgari questionnaire services, and reporting systems in cooperation with European client ISC.
  • Responsible for domestic large-scale projects: Hotai event registration platform, Audi point loyalty system, EDM system, Yahoo movie.

Skills and Experience

  • Core Skills: PHP, Laravel, Python, Django, Mysql, RESTful API
  • Skills: Docker, Unit&Feature Testing, AWS Services, Gitlab CI/CD, Design Pattern, ORM
  • Backend development and Infrastructure
    • Experienced with multiple languages, multiple countries.
    • Experienced with AWS services (SES, S3, SQS-FIFO, SNS).
    • Experienced with unit / feature tests.

Work Experience

25sprout, Backend Developer, since 2019-07

  • Developed 50+ Restful APIs: Collaborated with product and engineering team members to define and develop new product concepts. 
  • Developed Community Login APIs: Familiar with the OAuth2 process, used to connect Facebook, Google, Line, and Apple login.
  • Developed Unit / Feature Tests: Integrated tests in CI / CD development process, and reduced manual testing time. Increased legacy code test coverage from 0% to 50%.
  • Designed Cache Mechanism: Leveraged Redis cache optimization techniques to boost website speed and performance. The API response time dropped from 60+ seconds to less than 10 seconds. 
  • Designed hierarchical structure table: McDonald's has a multi-level store structure covering 7,000+ stores, 150+ cities, and 30+ countries in the world. Designed a closure table to handle the hierarchical structure.
  • Familiar with AWS Services(SES, SQS-FIFO, SNS): Sent 7000+ e-mails, recorded open letters, complaint rates, and bounce rates.
  • Formulated Commit Log Standard: Reduced consulting fees and development hours.
  • Assigned Mentor: Assisted internal staff and intern with troubleshooting to quickly and effectively resolve software issues.

Gabor, Backend Developer, 2018-08 ~ 2019-06

  • Implemented DB Read / Write Separation Mechanism: The demand for reading DB in Yahoo Movies is much greater than that of writing DB, so the DB was split into reading and writing databases.
  • Onboard Roadmap: Created technical workflows in wiki to support education and training of newly hired employees.


National Chengchi University, M.S. in Geomatics, 2016 ~ 2018

National Chengchi University, Bachelor in Geomatics, 2012 ~ 2016

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