Muhammad Naveed Ashfaq

Software Engineer

  Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

I am a Backend Developer with 2+  years of experience with node.js, Framework (Express.js) , aws, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ORM(mongoose, sequelize), Restful API, Error Handling etc.

   [email protected]

  +92 3334755467


Work Experience

Tech Stack

 Software Engineer  •

May 2021 -  present

Revamp the existing Application. Add new modules and Migrate Data from one database to another. Collaboration in SCRUM planning , DevOps team for deployment on AWS and implementing CI/CD, and with a UI team to enhance performance


  Node.js    JavaScript ES5-ES6    express.js   Reacts   Redux  MongoDB mongoose   PostgreSQL Sequelize   Restful API  Postman  passport.js     EC2     S3 Bucket   Route53    RDS 

Backend Developer  •  Neural Soft Solutions

Sep 2019 - Apr 2021

  • Build Database Structure and Restful APIs
  • Integration of Third-party Library
  • Collaborate in SCRUM planning with a Product Team
  • Develop Database Multi Tenant System 
  • Develop four Applications

  Stripe     Git  Github     Bitbuket   Jira   Confluence   Jitsi CI/CD via Github actions

Jibri   Dart    Flutter   Remix   Solidity      



NPOS - Neural Point of Sale System

09/2019 - 03/2020

  • Neural Point of Sale (NPOS) brings an autonomous system with the most minimal human interaction and input to create a technically advanced management system for its users.
  • Implement payment gateway like stripe.
  • complete backend deployment on EC2 and for images use aws S3 bucket
  • For managing load we use aws ELB.

NPOS Lite - Neural Point of Sale System

04/2020 - 05/2020

  • This product is the lite version of NPOS for lower expertise level.



10/2020 - 11/2020

  • Audio / video call
  • Peer to peer chat with file sharing, Image and Video Sharing.
  • Deploy TURN and STUN server on EC2 machine and to maximize the efficiency of video call.

NBO - Neural Back Office

06/2020 - 10/2020

  • Access your complete management system remotely from anywhere in the world and control every possible aspect of your business from one end. Your products, inventory, sales and staff all can be handle from NBO.

Client Portal Graana

05/2021 - present

  • Revamp the existing Application.
  • Add new modules
  • Migrate Data from one database to another



01/2021 - 04/2021

  • In this project, customers pick the service and the service provider gets notification and gives his service.
  • Check the service provider details before signing up using third party libraries like accurateAPI and CheckerAPI.


Muhammad Ali Mahmood

CEO/Managing Director - Neural Soft Solutions

Naveed has shown extraordinary skills as a committed,  hardworking and creative developer, as well as great personality traits. He has a jubilant personality and always contributes positively towards a rift-free work environment.



JUL 2019

University of Central Punjab

Bachelor of Science Computer Science (BSCS)

  • Urdu - Native
  • English - Professional
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