賴孟庭 Meng-Ting Lai

I'm Nancy Lai ! I graduated from FIDM in June 2017.

Fashion Institute Design & Merchandising (Los Angeles)

In the future career of the workplace, only ask myself can be perfect, my task must be paid to the mission will reach the company to bring more contributions to the company and grow together!




Fashion Institute Design & Merchandising





English (Fluent)

Taiwanese (Fluent)



MS office



    power point






Accounting firm,2017 July to now

Receipt of business documents .

Contact customer quotes.

Collection and unified invoice.

Key in the invoice.

Department Store Counter,2013 September to 2013 December
Counter and Accounting
Container Check
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Exhibition Accounting,2013 April to 2013 September

Counter and Accounting

Check employee attend

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Da Bar - Relax, Social, Mingle...,2011 July to 2013 February

2011/07~2012/02A waiter.

Receptionist and Reservation.

Order and Deliver.

Server and Social.

2012/03~2013/02 A Bar manger.

Open bar, counter and accounting.

Cost and Profit.

Activiry Planning.

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Who am I ?

I am Meng-Ting,Lai. 24 years old, fresh graduates.
Taurus, AB type, outgoing person, lively, like social.
Born in Taipei, I'm the youngest child in my family and there's a brother.

Learning the general knowledge of clothing, while learning business management and marketing skills, like business, marketing, financial, market analysis and market planning...etc. 3 years in school score have been maintained in the standard, B +, 80 +. Not only studying assignment, but also continue to strengthen my language skills. Busy daily homework, start my own care life, rent, network, mobile phones, banks, cars and insurance... So I began to learn how be responsible for myself. FIDM provides a lot of information about employment, the introducer took us to visit the factory or company, let us understand the different aspects of the fashion industry, looking for their own positions. In addition, the school provides a window layout, open to the various departments of the students, registration to provide students with the opportunity to design, each time the opening of my department of the name, I had to take 2 times the opportunity to be chosen.(picture) In the United States for three and a half years, very full, not only learn professional knowledge, the actual operation, additional language specking and listening progress accelerated, take responsibility of my life, meet people around the world, understand the different cultures, accept all-round information.

And this year,I'm social fresh people, my expectations are immediately into the workplace to show how I learn; and in the work to urge myself to continue to progress. Expect myself from the brand advertising marketing and brand public relations to start learning. In the future career of the workplace, only ask myself can be perfect, my task must be paid to the mission will reach the company to bring more contributions to the company and grow together. Thank you for asking me to read my autobiography and hope to have the opportunity to talk to you

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The FIDM window!

By Nancy Lai and Sherry Li.

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              Back to 1980!

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