Naomi Tsai

 Seasoned and self-motivated Project Manager with extensive 7+ years professional experience in project management filed across NB, mobile mini PC, AIO, Accessory of high-tech industry 

 Successfully demonstrated cross-functional leadership and fulfilled production schedule planning of world-class product across Japan and Taiwan, achieving 100% on-time delivery and 80% cost saving 

 Proven track record of leading function team on all matters according to demand forecast, FMEA, quality assurance, negotiations, logistic planning and budget controlling across leading companies (Toshiba, subsidiary of Sharp, Elite Group Computer, etc.) 

 On a personal level, I am a driven, results oriented individual, possessing of strong negotiation skills, flexible and willing to learn new things then achieve greater goals

Project Manager
Taipei Special Municipality,TW

[email protected]


Dynabook Technology (Taiwan) Co., Ltd (subsidiary of Sharp) 

Sr. Associate Manager,  Jul 2019 - Present

- Roles and Responsibilities 

Monitor and manage ODM projects to make FCS on time. 

Develop in-house projects to meet market schedule through leading schedule planning, product design, quality control, issue analysis and solving. 

Work with HQ sales on RFQ response and BOM cost analysis 

- Achievement Highlights 

Reduce 80% NRE and development fee to achieve each project budget

 Successfully implement FMEA to mitigate potential failure risks and reach quality standard to approval level in just one month

Toshiba International Procurement Corp.

Deputy Manager, Sep 2016 ~ Mar 2019

- Roles and Responsibilities 

  Directed new in-house projects of Toshiba (accountable for 20% production capacity totally), developed short-long term strategies in terms of schedule planning, product design, quality control, issue analysis and solving 

  Implemented business process improvement by pooling technical resources across multiple projects, while monitoring and controlling risks by performing quantitative and qualitative risk analysis 

  Project system BOM mapping and compared BOM cost down possibilities to achieve project target cost 

 - Achievement Highlights 

  Led 1st Toshiba mobile mini PC development and achieved FCS on time 

  Led 1st battery charger of Toshiba mobile mini PC and made FCS within three months 

  Led and trained PJM to make project BOM and familiar with manufacture production process 

Elitegroup Computer Systems

Senior Project Specialist, May 2016 - Aug 2016

Served as the Senior Project Specialist to manage over 4+ projects across NB, AIO and Tablet at the same time 

Explored cost saving opportunities and drove cost down plan 

Controlled project from multiple aspects in terms of issue tracking, risk, quality, scope, cost and schedule

Toshiba International Procurement Corp.

Senior Program Manager, Feb 2012 ~ Mar 2016

Led project trial run, material readiness checking and drove manufacturing production 

Create and maintain comprehensive project documents 

Packing material control and reviewing product user's manual 

Managed ramp up planning with buyer to meet sales requirement  

Inventec Corporation, Senior Engineer, Aug 2006 ~ Feb 2012

Be a leader and deal with Toshiba related all project.
Edit users manual/service manual for new product.
SW : Framemaker, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver .
Proofread the multi-language users manual of the new product.
Arrange KOR/IND/Thai version manuals for public bidding and control manual schedule
Draw the graphic of new product. SW : Illustrator CorelDraw
Control BOM mapping and engineering change request.
Contact the client with the related communication of new product.

CTCI Corporation, Secretary, Aug 2005 ~ Aug 2006

Assist administrative affairs such as file management and clerical work, etc.


Huafan University, Bachelor of Foreign and Languages Literature

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