Project / Product Manager, Front-end Web Developer, International Business Development, Motivated Self-learner.

6+ years of IT industry professional experience serve as the major coordinator between clients and the engineering team. Define customized features with clients and transformed them into technical requirements.

- BIOS project & Computer software product management experience.
- Keen on learning new technical knowledge of managing or planning web service, mobile application, and computer software.
- Strong willingness and passion to take a challenge and do things that I have never done before.
- Ability to pick up new work quickly and able to work independently in a short time.
- The character with good logic, organized ability, and analysis skill.
- Able to quickly familiarize myself with new software/ App and use it like a pro in a short time.
- Fluent Business English with TOEIC Score of 910.
- Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Office Series. (check out more in the Skills section)
- Self-learner of Front-end Web Development (Self-learning on Udemy). Building 2 running Static Responsive Web Design Website using HTML5, CSS3, Basic Javascript, and Bootstrap.

Product / Project Manager
[email protected]


IF English Studio, Web Developer (Freelance), Jun 2019 ~ 現在

- Building and Maintaining RWD Static Webpages for the marketing of IF English Studio.
- Applied open-source toolkit for sending email from static HTML form/page without a Backend Server using Google Script via Google Apps Mail.
- Integrated Facebook Messenger Plugin and Google Analytics track code into the website and analyze user behavior for improving the user experience.


Insyde Software LTD., Project Manager, Apr 2020 ~ Oct 2020

- Managed 40+ BIOS development projects, includes OEM brand Dell, Huawei, Xiaomi, and LG with multiple ODM manufacturers such as Quanta, Compal, Huaqin, Wistron, Inventec, and Wingtech.
- Quickly picked up 30 projects from the previous project owner and got involved with over 50 issues in 1 week.
- Handled the status of 200+ issues at the same time for different projects and able to form a high-level summary to report the status of each issue to customers.
- Successfully increased co-working efficiency and reduced the unnecessary repetitive work of engineers by utilizing internal issue tracking system (Mantis bug tracker) and re-formulating the team working model on information sharing, topic tracking, and communication with the engineering team, cross-team members, and customers.
- Proactively utilized project management system for easier tracking missions and gaining clear and completed scope on the status of each project.
- Coordinated between engineer and customer to help accelerate bugs solving process and provide improvement schemes for spec design issues.
- Monitored schedule to meet each important milestone of the launch plan, and managed team deliverables to meet customers' expectations.
- Identified project risks and formulated mitigation and contingency plans.
- Successfully increase 50% project status review meeting efficiency by guiding the meeting with a well-organized agenda and providing a precise high-level status summary for each task required to be discussed in the meeting.
- Prioritized the issues/ tasks for engineers by understanding and discussing the urgency and severity of issues/ tasks from both customers and engineers' sides.
- Ability to quickly and clearly understand the requirement from customers and transformed them into technical requirements by discussing with engineers directly.
- Performed direct discussion of the feature/issue development with the overseas engineer in English and tracking status using the external project management system (JIRA).
- Served as an expert during project development. This includes answering questions from customers and internal teams as well as escalating the appropriate issues to stakeholders.


Howyar Technologies Inc., Project Manager / Front-end Web Developer, Jan 2014 ~ Jun 2019

Assisted distribution channel / OEM / ODM partners to drive changes, remove roadblocks, and close sales deals in their local market by providing marketing and sales strategies, business and technical on-site supports, spec requirement proposal, and discussion.

- Managed various risks of losing customers while encountering massive software failure incidents.
- Coordinated with the engineering team for projects and solutions as the role of a project manager, technical support, and business development.

Product and Project Management -

- Successfully enhanced user experience by designing a new UI for the system recovery product.
- Created not only Wireframe but the complete materials of the UI, including icons and interface graphics.
- Wrote product development document, which includes UI Flowing, and new operation procedures description.
- Discussed directly with engineers, to better arrange man-power, time consumed and the modifications of UI according to the difficulties and priority for engineers to build the new UI program.
- Analyzed the assigned market and competitive product to maintain a competitive edge over our competitions, and then report back the findings through internal reports to related departments.
- Coordinated with engineering teams and customers for customized feature modifications and new feature building process.
- Wrote spec requirement documents and discussed proactively with customers to make sure the feature meets the needs of the market.
- Settled priorities of the features by having meetings with both customers and engineers to understand the difficulties from both sides.
- Capable of coming up not only plan A, B but also C when customers' requirements, market situation, and engineering team's conditions didn't perfectly fit, to lead the team to operate smoothly during the negotiation process.
- Took full responsibility to research and apply government projects with proper documentation.

QA / Front-end Web Developer / Technical Research

- Built and optimized the company's official website. (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Sublime Text)
- Wrote batch scripts on Windows for testing software before releasing it to customers.
- Attended AWSome Day for learning and surveying the suitability to move the company's serial number generation service from the local host to the cloud platform.
- Surveyed and collected information for engineering team to compare AWS to Microsoft Azure and GCP, and determine which platform suits better with our requirements.
- Built Windows UI with open-source skin editor. (Duilib)
- Able to use Windows Command Prompt to operate Windows system utilities.
- Surveyed and applied for the EV (Extended Validation) Code Signing Certificate, in order to submit drivers to Windows Hardware Developer Center to apply kernel-mode driver signing and UEFI driver signing (for loading it through Secure Boot).
- Created detailed documentation on how to apply, renew, and operate code signing certificate and keygen for the engineering team.
- Surveyed and formed a report about the information of Secure Boot, UEFI Driver, Kernel Driver.
- Signed relevant files using code signing certificate through Windows Command Prompt.
- Wrote a report about the differences between HLK/HCK and attestation signing for engineering team to understand how to get drivers signed by Microsoft for multiple Windows versions (attestation signed driver can only work on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 and later.)

Technical Support -

- Be the first point of contact for the customer on product selling, planning, and technical topics.
- Professionally answered incoming calls and emails to provide technical support in-time.
- On-site problem solving - eliminated on-site program failures by going to end-users' site with distributors to examine the product, and form a report about the details of the process.
- Train and inform partners of both new and existing technologies, tools, and models of products by writing technical documentation, giving on-site training or telephone / email / IM support. (e.g. mechanism of system recovery program, tools for rescuing system while system failure happening, SOP for initial problem solving process.)

Sales and Business Development -

- In charge of all channel sales and OEM sales business relationship between company and global customers, including the customers from America, German, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sweden and Thailand.
- Responsible for seeking new business partnerships with world-leading distributors and dealers.
- Designed new searching methods to dig out the key account of the competitors by understanding the character of the industry and products.
- Formulate and implement a different strategic sales plan for different key accounts to drive sales and achieve sales targets by evaluating the 5W1H elements of their business model.
- Maintained and deepen customer relations with customers.
- Provided pre-sales to after-sales services including solution design, negotiation, product / solution assurance and problem solving.
- Successfully gave product/business presentation in fluent English to Customers worldwide.
- Efficiently and accurately, handle customers enquiries such as purchase orders, quotations, and complaints for lost or damaged situations, product returns or exchanges.


- Prepared sales decks and relevant presentation materials to aid in growing our business during partner meetings.
- Made marketing materials (e.g. product brochures) using Adobe illustrator.
- Proposed and discussed marketing plan for the Taiwanese market.


Vita Hardware Co, Ltd, Personnel and General Affair specialist, Jul 2012 ~ Jan 2013

- Search, select and evaluate appropriate suppliers for company.
- Placed purchase orders to vendors.
- Tactfully negotiated with vendors and successfully reduced the prices for procurement.
- Maintained appliances and office affairs to make sure they all work appropriately.
- Managed employee attendance and arranged the information for financial department.
- Arrange the internal / external education and training for employees.



TAITRA International Trade Institute (Taipei, Taiwan), 工商管理學士(BBA), International Business Development, 2013 ~ 2013

- Key Subjects:
Presentations, Negotiations, Business writing, International Trade and Marketing
- Capable of international market exploring and market analysis.
- Effectively negotiating skills and able to build trust with clients.

National Taiwan Normal University, 學士學位, Human Development and Family Studies, 2008 ~ 2012

- Key Subjects:
Consumer Behavior, Marketing, Social Psychology, Critical thinking.
- Successfully delivered professional presentations of consumer behavior analysis report.

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